February 20, 2007


ATTENDING:Jim Antes, Charlie Bridgeford, Tom Buning, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Cindy Flom-Meland, Sue Jeno, Amanda Kahler, Donna Pearson, Betty Ralston, Lowell Schweigert,


Recorder:Bev Hopman


Ray Diez called the meeting to order in the Memorial Room of the Memorial Union.††


Minutes:Judy DeMers moved the minutes from the January 23, 2007, meeting be approved.Jim Antes seconded.Motion carried.


UND Faculty Athletic Representative Update:Sue Jeno reported on the DI reclassification process.Carr and Associates will present a skeleton strategic plan in 2007 which will be fleshed out each year of the transition.In November of 2007, there will be an orientation session and web based conference.In 2008-09, UND will be required to comply with all DI rules and regulations, although the plan is to abide by DI guidelines during the 2007-08 exploratory year.Betty Ralston will work with others on campus to match student-athlete standards to the Code of Student Life.


Sue Jeno reminded everyone of the Scholar Athlete Recognition program scheduled for Monday, Feb. 26.†† Over 160 student-athletes will be recognized for their academic accomplishments during calendar year 2006.


Department Updates:


Athletic Director Tom Buning:Tom Buning thanked Betty Ralston and Sue Jeno for their work on the scholar athlete recognition.He said it is an excellent use of the Department of Athletics trade agreement with Sanders.


  • Team Rules/Violations:Two incidents involving student-athletes from menís basketball and menís hockey have been receiving a great deal of publicity.AD Buning said student athletes are kids and sometimes ďkids mess upĒ.Two basketball players violated team rules and were suspended.The hockey players were dealing with public authorities and if charges are filed they will be part of a public record.At this time, Tom Buning said he felt everything was being handled appropriately by both coaches.He stated the acid test is does the response get the point across and does it happen again.


  • Conference Affiliation:Conference affiliation is one of the big concerns in the DI transition.Tom Buning distributed a handout with conference information.The Gateway and the Great West are two football only conferences.The Great West has only 5 teams and will be looking to expand.The Mid Continent has ten members and supports all of the sports UND competes in with the exception of football.The Big Sky has 13 of the 18 sports in which UND participates.UND is keeping communications open with all of the conferences. Jim Antes asked if there would be scheduling problems in 2008-09.Tom Buning said scheduling will be difficult.He stated that if even Ĺ of our competitions are against Division I opponents the coaches will have done a bang up job.†† Jim Antes asked if our DI games would be on the road with the DII games at home.Tom Buning said we could possibly schedule some DI independents for home games.


  • Budget:Tom Buning said the ticket sales from menís hockey were up about $200,000.†† He estimated the Department of Athleticsí share of that amount to be about $100,000.Football ticket sales were about $26,000 over the budgeted amount.Teams that have completed their competitive seasons are close to exhausting their budgets.Football is currently in a month to month review.Budgeting for the future needs to address team priority needs and determine realistic expenses.Most of the proceeds generated from WCHA, NCC and regional playoffs go to the leagues, not the host schools.



  • Betty Ralston handed out copies of the NCAA Division I 2005-06 Academic Progress Report.Menís and womenís ice hockey are the only UND sports listed.The menís data is based on the last 3 years.Because the womenís program is new, the data is based on the last two years.If the APR multiyear rate drops below 925, teams could be in danger of losing scholarships.Neither team is at risk at this time.
  • The Scholar Athletic Recognition program scheduled for Monday, Feb. 26, is new this year.The Department hopes to build on this yearís program for future.
  • UND is hosting the NCC Swim Meet Feb. 21 Ė 24.
  • Betty Ralston attended a Law and Higher Education Conference with Lillian Elsinga.She gathered some useful information on sexual assault, hazing and Face Book.
  • SAAC will be sponsoring a formal dance on March 23.


Old Business:

  • Betty Ralston requested that fall and winter schedules be examined and approved at the next meeting.This will coincide with season ticket renewals and give Athletics time to prepare calendars, posters and promotional mailings.If proposed schedules are available, they will be e-mailed prior to the March meeting.
  • Tom Buning distributed a draft of the Athletics Mission statement and Vision One, a guideline for UNDís move to DI.


New Business:

  • Judy DeMers questioned the menís hockey schedule, why UND played only one series each with Denver and Minnesota this season.Ray Diez explained that the WCHA has set up their schedules so that all teams play an unbalanced schedule.Each year WCHA teams play 4 games against 5 league opponents and 2 games against 4 league opponents to make up the 28 game schedule.Besides Denver and Minnesota, UND played only two games against Duluth and Michigan Tech.The league rotates the schedule each year.
  • Tom Buning reported that UND has the possibility of hosting the Hockey Hall of Fame game in early October.Options are still being discussed.
  • Tom Buning stated that part of the DI study will including contracting for a market analysis.
  • Review of applicants for the head coaching position for womenís hockey will begin on March 19.
  • Tom Buning met with Student Government and student body presidential candidates to discuss DI.



The meeting adjourned at 5:33 p.m.†† The next meeting is scheduled for March 20 at 4:30 p.m.