MARCH 25, 2003


ATTENDING: Brad Berg, Jeff Bowen, Charlie Bridgeford, Jared Bruggeman, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Lillian Elsinga, Phil Harmeson, Susan Jeno, Kathy McCann, Susan Nelson, Elizabeth Nichols, Glenn Olsen, Lowell Schweigert, Roger Thomas,


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


The meeting was called to order by Sue Jeno at 3:10.m. in room 101 of the Hyslop Sports Center. 


Minutes: Judy DeMers moved the minutes from January 21, 2003, be approved.  Lillian Elsinga seconded.  Motion carried.


Saturday/Sunday Basketball-Volleyball Proposal:  Phil Harmeson distributed a copy of the letter President Kupchella sent to the NCC presidents outlining his proposal to move volleyball and basketball conference games from Friday/Saturday evenings to Saturday/Sunday afternoons.  There was much discussion on this topic with committee members expressing several areas of concern, among them 1) eliminating Sunday as an “off day” for the student-athletes 2) conflicts with family/church activities on Sundays  3) conflicts with other sports currently scheduled for Saturday/Sunday afternoons  4) late travel on Sunday night may lead to missing some Monday classes; since many classes are offered Monday-Wednesday-Friday, that could result in a student-athlete missing back to back Friday-Monday sessions of the same class  5) impact on  fan attendance  6) the fact that neither student-athletes nor fans had been polled for their opinion.    Glenn Olsen suggested that teams could leave later in the day on Thursday to prevent missing so much class time.  Roger Thomas asked the faculty members present if they had experienced problems with the current schedule and the number of classes missed.  They indicated Thursdays had not been a problem, but that tournaments occasionally take students away from classes for more extended periods.   Judy DeMers moved the IAC chairman draft a resolution expressing the committees concerns with the proposed schedule change.  Ray Diez seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Sue Jeno will write the resolution.  (A copy has been attached to these minutes.)


Facilities Update:    Roger Thomas said that when the students started planning a Wellness Center, the Hyslop was their initial choice.  That prompted UND Athletics to start exploring options. The construction of the Alerus and the new Engelstad Arena has provided football and hockey with first class facilities.  It was determined that basketball and volleyball should also play and practice in a better venue.  Among the options considered were  1) renovating the Hyslop Sports Center 2)renovating the old Engelstad Arena  and 3)adding basketball and volleyball facilities to Ralph Engelstad Arena.  No definite decisions have been made at this point and much will depend upon the decision the students make regarding the Wellness Center.  Roger Thomas said that architects indicated renovating the Hyslop into a wellness center would be costly due to the age of the building and the necessity for asbestos removal.  Two other options being considered for wellness are the renovation of the old Engelstad or the construction of a new free standing facility northwest of the new Engelstad Arena.  Glenn Olsen asked if an area has been designated for a soccer field.  Roger Thomas replied that long term plans are for a soccer field and tennis courts to be located west of Ralph Engelstad Arena.  Susan Nelson asked if Athletic Department offices would be moved to Ralph Engelstad Arena.  Roger Thomas said basketball and volleyball would move if the addition is built.  Judy DeMers asked if Athletics would lose its autonomy if the funding is done through REA, Inc.  Sue Jeno also voiced concern about having all six revenue generating sports playing in facilities not owned by UND.  Roger Thomas said it is written into the hockey agreement that Ralph Engelstad Arena will be gifted to UND.  The University currently has a 30 year lease, but the transition could happen earlier.    Phil Harmeson reported that the architects will be back on campus April 9.  They will make a presentation to President Kupchella and the President will then make a decision as to which direction the Wellness Center will take.


Club Sports:  Lillian Elsinga said she had been contacted by a group trying to establish a men’s club hockey team.  Roger Thomas explained that due to NCAA regulations, UND Athletics can not be involved with any club programs.


Postgraduate Scholarships:  Jared Bruggeman passed out a press release announcing Kelby Klosterman and Kate Cahill as NCAA postgraduate scholarship winners.  He said UND has two excellent candidates applying this semester.  They are Jenny Boll and Becky Moen.  The NCAA scholarship program was started in 1964.  UND student-athletes have been awarded 24 scholarships since 1964, 8 of them since 2000.


Compliance:  Jared Bruggeman said he had nothing to report at this time but would have an end of year report available at the next meeting.  Sue Jeno stated that the University of North Dakota did not receive any sanctions as a result of the Myron Allen incident.


Budget:  Roger Thomas reported that the ticket sales for basketball and football were under budget projections.  Season ticket sales account for approximately 50% of the Athletic Department budget.  If a better venue is developed for basketball, he expects an increase in ticket sales. 


Judy DeMers asked if any progress had been made with the NCAA regarding sharing the proceeds from the NCAA hockey tournaments.  Roger Thomas said                                                                                                                                                                                                                 that was being handled by Phil Harmeson and President Kupchella. 


Athletic Department Update:  Roger Thomas announced that Jerome Beasley has been named the Division II player of the year in men’s basketball.  The winter sports season was very successful with men’s hockey, men’s basketball and women’s basketball all advancing to the regional NCAA tournaments.  Women’s hockey finished second in the nation in attendance.  UND hosted the NCAA Division II Swimming and Diving Championships.  The men’s team placed 3rd and the women’s team placed 8th.  Erin Borgschatz and Jenny Portelance finished 1-2 in the diving competition.  Brian Strom was named the National Diving Coach of the Year.  Spring sports are off to a good start.  Julie Johnson placed second in the high jump at the NCAA National Division II Indoor Track and Field Championships.  Softball and baseball have just returned from their spring trips where baseball played the Minnesota Twins rookie team.  They lost 5-3 but Coach Ziegler said it was a great experience for the players.


Championship Awards Program:  Roger Thomas said the annual athletic awards program will be Sunday, May 4, at 4:00 p.m. in the Memorial Union Ballroom.  After the program, a dinner will be held at Touch of Magic in honor of the senior athletes. 


Annual Report:  Sue Jeno reported that she has prepared the IAC’s annual report for the University Senate.  A copy is attached to these minutes.


Athletic Department Staffing:  Susan Nelson asked if the search was underway for the new external assistant athletic director/Fighting Sioux Club Director.  Roger Thomas said the search has started and that the search is also underway for a new senior women’s administrator/assistant athletic director. 


The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.



Annual Report of the

Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC)



Committee Membership (19)

Faculty Members (9)                                      Athletic Director (1)

Sue Jeno, (MED) Chair                          Roger Thomas

Judy DeMers, (MED)

C. Ray Diez, (BPA)                                     Senior Women’s Administrator (1)

Lilian Elsinga, (SOS)                                     Kathy McCann

Patti Mahar, (EHD)

Susan Nelson, (BPA)                                     Coach Representative (1)

Elizabeth Nichols, (NUR)                         Maria Bruggeman

Glenn Olsen, (EHD)

Bruce Smith, (JDO)                                      Alumni Members (3)

                                                                        Charlie Bridgeford

Faculty Athletic Representative (1)                Lowell Schweigert

Phil Harmeson


Student Members (3)

Brad Berg

Jill Holen

Adam Roland



The purpose of the Committee is to provide faculty guidance and oversight in developing, implementing, and evaluating policies that balance intercollegiate athletics with academic rigor and promote gender equity in the intercollegiate athletic program.  Eleven specific functions and responsibilities have been listed by the Senate to support the Committee in carrying out its purpose.



The 3rd Tuesday of every month at 3:30pm: September 17, 2002, October 15, 2002, November 19, 2002, no December meeting, January 21, 2003, February 18, 2003 cancelled.  Meetings are scheduled for March 25, 2003, April 15, 2003 and if necessary May 20, 2003.  IAC also met on March 27, 2002 and April 24, 2002 after the last report to the Senate.



IAC heard, discussed, and accepted/approved reports or took action on the following items:  Compliance, Financial/Budget, the Fighting Sioux Club (FSC), Gender Equity, Personnel, Scheduling, Academic Performance of Athletes, Academic Policy, Letterwinners for each Sport, and NCAA, NCC, and WCHA meetings.


1.                  Compliance:  The only major compliance issue brought forth to the Committee by the athletic department was concerning the Myron Allen case.  When UND became aware of the fact that Mr. Allen had tried out for the Fargo pro team, played a few minutes of an exhibition game, and that a family friend helped to arrange the trip as well as traveled with Mr. Allen to Fargo, it self-reported the violation to the NCAA.  The NCAA decided not to re-instate Mr. Allen.  Following an appeal from UND, the decision not to re-instate was upheld.


2.                  Financial/Budget: The projected budget for 2002-03 was approximately $4.9 million, up from approximately $3.8 million in 2001-02.  Increased expenses are a result of the addition of women’s hockey, increased scholarship costs, and an increase in game management costs.  The move to REA generated approximately $750,000 in additional revenue.  Ticket revenue for women’s hockey was approximately $18,000.  The Jan 18th men’s basketball game against NDSU set a NCC single game attendance record and walk-up sales for that game totaled $33,000.  Football revenue was below the contractually guaranteed income of $375,000 with the difference made up by REA.  The IAC process in relation to the budget continues to be defined as “review and recommend.”


3.                  FSC:  Hockey and Basketball reunions were planned during the Fall of 2002.  Renewals for the FSC are sent out each April.  Discussion focused on the student seating arrangements at REA and how that will impact season ticket holders.  No decisions are final at this time regarding seating at the arena.  Due to increased need for accessible seating, some season ticket holders will have to be moved to other areas of the arena.  A new director of the FSC will be hired as an athletic department employee when Rob Bollinger becomes the Development Officer for Athletics within the Alumni Foundation.


4.                  Gender Equity:  The athletic department continues to work on this issue.  Kathy McCann, Senior Women’s Administrator, has indicated that she will be retiring.


5.                  Personnel:  Searches are underway for Assistant Athletic Director, External Affairs


6.                  Scheduling:  Minnesota Duluth has made formal application to join the NCC as a replacement for Morningside.  The NCC Presidents’ Council is considering a request to move basketball and volleyball schedules to a Saturday/Sunday rather that Friday/Saturday type schedule to limit the number of class hours missed by the athletes.  A recommendation from IAC will be delivered to President Kupchella before the end of the semester.  Northern Colorado and NDSU have announced decisions to move to Division I. 


7.                  Academic Performance:  Student-athletes continue to achieve success on their fields of play while maintaining grade point averages right around 3.0.  The cumulative G.P.A. for the Spring semester 2002 was 2.99 and for the Fall semester 2002 was 3.01.  Three student-athletes are being considered for post-graduate scholarships.


8.                  Academic Policy:  A proposal was brought to the committee to pursue re-instatement of a course that would grant academic credit for student-athletes much like that given in Theatre Arts, Music, and ROTC.  The Committee, after much discussion, agreed that this should be pursued with the departments involved and there is an ongoing discussion with PEXS and the Athletic Department.  Some early registration slots may be open for student-athletes for Fall 2003 registration.  Use of these slots has not been finalized at this time.


9.                  Letterwinners:            Spring 2002 and Fall 2002 lists of student-athletes recommended to be awarded letters for participating in sports were approved as submitted with the exclusion of Dance Team Members in the Spring 2002 since the letterwinners board had not approved granting letters to this group.


10.             Web site:  The web site for the IAC is on-line and functional thanks to the efforts of John Sirignano.  Meetings, membership of the committee, and minutes from past meetings can be found on this site.


11.             Outstanding Achievements:  2001-02 was very successful for UND Athletics: top 10 finish for the Sears Cup, second consecutive win of NCC Women’s All-sports Trophy, National Championship in football.  Thus far in 2002-03,  soccer made the NCC semi-finals for the first time ever, Volleyball qualified for regional playoffs for the first time, Maria Bruggeman (Volleyball) was selected Co-Coach of the Year in the NCC.  Both men’s and women’s basketball teams qualified for playoffs.  UND hosted the WCHA Women’s Final Five, WCHA Men’s hockey playoffs, and the NCAA Division II National Swimming and Diving Championships.


12.             Wellness Center:  Discussion regarding the development of the Wellness Center and the impact on athletics has occurred and the athletic department staff has been involved with meetings with the architects and the staff of the Wellness Center.  No decisions are final at this time.


Respectfully submitted,


Susan H. N. Jeno, Chair



DATE:                        March 28, 2003




TO:                  President Kupchella


FROM:            Sue Jeno, Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) Chair


RE:                  Saturday/Sunday Conference Game Proposal


The IAC is the Senate Committee whose charge is to develop and supervise policies for the intercollegiate athletic program including all competitive schedules.  As chair of this Committee, I have been asked to bring forward the concerns of the Committee regarding the Saturday/Sunday schedule change proposal.


During the IAC meeting on January 21, 2002, it was brought to the attention of the Committee that a proposal was being forwarded to the NCC Presidents’ Council regarding the scheduling of conference games for basketball and volleyball.  After initial discussion of the matter, the Committee requested additional information to assist with further discussion at the next meeting.


On March 25, this matter came before the full Committee and was the subject of much discussion.  Several areas of concern were voiced and are enumerated below. 


Concern 1:            Lack of consultation with the student-athletes who would be affected by                             this proposal.


Rationale:       The student-athletes involved in basketball and volleyball have traditionally played games on Friday and Saturday leaving Sunday available for compliance with the NCAA required day off, time to “catch-up,” and to prepare for the scholastic activities in the week ahead.  To change the days of games will necessitate a week-day being given as the NCAA required day off for compliance, and not allow for the “catch-up” day for the student-athletes which may adversely affect their overall health and wellness. This may be manifested in the student-athletes missing class days for reasons other than travel to 4 conference games.


Concern 2:            Lack of consultation with the fan base for these sports to determine how                             the change of days would affect attendance for these revenue generating                              sports.


Rationale:                        Unlike universities in larger metropolitan areas, the fan base for our 6                                                 revenue generating sports is much more limited in scope.  In this area,                         Sunday is frequently seen as the day for family.  Many fans may be less                           inclined to attend sporting events at UND on all 3 days of the week-end.                          Since revenue from basketball and volleyball are essential to                                                                     maintaining a healthy athletic department budget and allowing UND to                                             remain competitive in recruitment and retention of student-athletes, it is                         imperative to know how a change of this magnitude would                         impact                                                            revenue.  Movement of games to Saturday and Sunday afternoons would                                      require a significant behavioral change for the attendees and change is far                                       more controversial when opinions have not been sought prior to the                                      institution of the change.  Sunday games would also be in direct conflict                         with professional sports and create an additional reason for decreased                         fan support of UND athletics.


Concern 3:            Sports already playing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons are struggling                                     to develop a fan base.                                     


Rationale:                        Emerging sports such as soccer and women’s hockey, as well as softball                         and baseball, currently play many of their games during the weekend                         afternoons.  Attendance at these sports is limited at best and would                         become even more limited if basketball and volleyball were moved into                         the same times slots, inhibiting possible revenue generation from these                         sports.


Concern 4:            Traveling late into Sunday night might result in increased absences from                            class on Monday.


Rationale:       Absence from class is a serious concern, but due to the way university classes are scheduled,       Monday/Wednesday/Friday vs. Tuesday/Thursday, a student-athlete who missed Friday to travel and had a delayed return from a road trip may also miss Monday class.  This would result in missing 2 class periods from the same classes rather than one class day from classes scheduled on Thursday and one from those scheduled on Friday. 


Concern 5:     Student-athletes in basketball and volleyball missing 4 class periods over the course of 2 semesters for NCC travel is not as great a concern to faculty than those athletes in sports such as softball and baseball who must be absent from class for a week or longer to attend “spring training” or tournaments which necessitate missing 5 or more consecutive days of classes in the same semester.


Rationale:                        The faculty represented on this committee did not feel that the student-                        athletes involved in these 2 sports were being adversely affected by travel                         on Thursday afternoon.  Most of the athletes are very conscientious about                         their studies and approach faculty about required coursework or to take                         tests prior to departure.  This is evidenced by the G.P.A. of our student-                        athletes that semester after semester is at or above 3.0.  In addition, since                         there is no attendance policy on this campus, it is unfair to hold these                         select athletes to a higher standard than any other athlete or student on this                         campus.


Based on the above concerns, the IAC respectfully submits that the above proposal for changing the schedule for basketball and volleyball to Saturday and Sunday games may not be in the best interest of our student-athletes, the athletic department, or the fans of UND athletics.  Until these concerns are adequately addressed by the administration of UND, we request that the proposal not go forward to the NCC President’s Council.


I would be happy to address any of these issues with you directly.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Respectfully submitted,




Susan H. N. Jeno, PhD, PT

Chair, Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee


Cc:  Senate Executive Committee, members of IAC