March 30, 2010


ATTENDING:   Judy DeMers, Brian Faison, Greg Gagnon, Sherryl Houdek, Daniella Irle, Sue Jeno, Susan Nelson, Lowell Schweigert


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Susan Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m. in the Medora Room of the Student Union.   A quorum was not present at the meeting so it was agreed that approval of the minutes from the February 16, 2010, IAC meeting would be conducted via e-mail.  All members in attendance voted to approve the minutes as submitted.   Bev Hopman will send out an e-mail to the IAC members not present at the meeting requesting their vote on approval of the minutes.  *


* Cory Absey, Charlie Bridgeford, Gail Ingwalson, Jon Jackson, Brad Rundquist, Paul Todhunter   e-mailed their vote to approve the minutes as submitted.



New Business


Approval of Letterwinners:  Greg Gagnon moved the Letterwinners in men’s basketball, women’s baskeball, men’s swimming, women’s swimming, and women’s hockey be approved as recommended by their head coaches.  Sherryl Houdek seconded.  All members in attendance voted to approve the Letterwinners as recommended by their head coaches.   Bev Hopman will send out an e-mail to the IAC members not present at the meeting requesting their vote on approval of the Letterwinners. ** A list of recommended Letterwinners is attached to the minutes.


** Cory Absey, Charlie Bridgeford, Gail Ingwalson, Jon Jackson, Brad Rundquist, Paul Todhunter  e-mailed their vote to approve the Letterwinners as recommended by the head  




Old Business


Student Athlete Code of Conduct, Brian Faison

Brian Faison said an updated draft of the Student Athlete Code of Conduct was not available.  He will send out a copy via e-mail as soon as it is ready. 


Role of Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

Greg Gagnon asked if any progress has been made on defining the role of the IAC.  Brian Faison responded that Athletics has just received the results of the compliance review.  The department has not had time to review all of the information, but the role of the IAC can be discussed at the next meeting.


FAR Report, Sue Jeno

Sue Jeno reported that Andrew Miller has been awarded an NCAA post graduate scholarship and was also selected as the recipient of the Ninth Annual Division I Football Championship Subdivision  Athletics Directors Association (FSC ADA) post graduate scholarship.  Miller is a biology major and will be attending medical school in Wisconsin in the fall.  Three winter sport student-athletes have submitted applications for NCAA post graduate scholarships.  Brittany Kirkham and Ashley Holmes from the women’s hockey team and Chris VandeVelde,Darcy Zajac

, Derrick LaPoint, Jake Marto and Brad Eidsness from the men’s hockey team were named as WCHA Scholar-Athlete Award recipients.


Departmental Updates


Internal Operations, Daniella Irle

Daniella Irle discussed a handout she distributed on the NCAA Division I Athletics Certification.  The program is designed to ensure that member institutions adhere to the NCAA’s fundamental commitment to integrity in intercollegiate athletics.  UND is required to complete the certification as part of the reclassification process.  Much of what is being done is an extension of the compliance review previously conducted.  A copy of the handout is attached to the minutes.


Athletics Department, Brian Faison


The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


March 30, 2010


The following student-athletes were recommended as varsity letterwinners by their head coaches.


Men’s Basketball  -  Brian Jones, Head Coach

Allard, Jordan                       Archer, Doug                                    Benter, Derek

Bledsoe, Travis                     Clausen, Christopher         Goodman, Spencer

Haugen, Nick                       Mathison, Michael               Mertens, Travis

Mitchell, Pat                          Monsebroten, Dustin          Stockdale, Dan

Wilmer, Mitch


Men’s Swimming and Diving – Steve Parsons , Head Coach

Adams, Ben                          Berrns, Nick                          Blankenship-Alegre, Jeremy

DeMoraes, Daniel                DeShaw, Andrew                Fillingham, Chase

Goll, Andrew                         Gosney, Zac                         Hofland, Luke

Jobe, Nathan                                    Klasen, Bryce                       Larson, Clinton

McKenzie, Ian                      Philbin, George                    Ponce, Dominic

Swanholm, Anthony                       Swanson, Benjamin                       Wahl, Preston

Yagi, Keisuke


Women’s Swimming and Diving – Steve Parsons, Head Coach

Abrahamson, Emma           Carlson, Jessica                  Comstock, Jenny

Conci, Caitlin                                    Dalin, Dalonda                     Dalin, Devonne

DeShaw, Cathryn                Fisher, Kara                          Fristad, Kathryn

Gormally, Carissa                Hurley, Meghan                   Johnson, Katelyn

Kahnke, Jessica                  Keidel, Megan                      Lee, Rachel

Maxwell, Allison                   Medon, Veronica                 Simon, Samantha

Varichak, Stephenie                      


Women’s Hockey – Brian Idalski, Head Coach

Dagenais, Sara                    Fellner, Susanne                 Flanagan, Cassandra

Furia, Ashley                                    Gilbert, Megan                      Harren, Jessica

Ketcher, Kelsey                    Kirkham, Brittany                 Lewis, Kelly

Loken, Mary Lynn                Miller, Margot                        Moir, Alanna

Molle, Candace                    Ney, Stephanie                    Oiestad, Jorid Dagfinrud

Parizek, Alison                     Perkins, Holly                       Roy, Stephanie

Secord-Holmes, Ashley      Slavin, Jordan                      Wiebe, Alyssa

Williams, Alexandra


Women’s Basketball – Gene Roebuck, Head Coach

Bagaason, Kayla                 Bergan, Jossy                       Kuehl, Shyla

Ledger, Whitney                   Lof, Corey                              Rothfusz, Carolyn

Seay, Alys                             Smart, Nicole                        Youngblut, Mallory