APRIL 15, 2003


ATTENDING: Brad Berg, Jeff Bowen, Maria Bruggeman, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Lillian Elsinga, Susan Jeno, Patti Mahar, Susan Nelson, Elizabeth Nichols, Lowell Schweigert, John Sirignano


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


The meeting was called to order by Sue Jeno at 3:05 p.m. in room 1917 at the Medical School


Minutes: Susan Nelson moved the minutes from March 25, 2003, be approved.  Judy DeMers seconded.  Motion carried.


Saturday/Sunday Basketball-Volleyball Proposal:  Sue Jeno said she sent a resolution to President Kupchella on behalf of the IAC outlining the committees concerns with the moving basketball and volleyball to a Saturday/Sunday afternoon format.  She followed up with a phone call to the President’s Office.   Phil Harmeson told her that they had received the memo and would have more time to address the issue after the legislative session.


Facilities – Wellness:  Sue Jeno reported that the students have not decided on a plan for their Wellness Center.  At this time, they seem to be leaning toward a free standing facility as opposed to renovating the Hyslop.  Lillian Elsinga said the Student Senate was putting forward a proposal to change the wording in their proposal from “Hyslop” to “option A” which would allow them to build a separate building.


Compliance:  Jared Bruggeman was not available for this meeting.  Bev Hopman said he would have a year end report at the May meeting.


Seating/Ticket Sales:  Bev Hopman reported that no final decision has been made regarding reseating at Engelstad Arena.  The tentative plan is to move the students from sections 108 and 109 to section 111 on the lower level.  They would also have sections 308, 309, 310, 310A and 311 on the upper level.  Roger Thomas will continue to work with student government to reach a final decision.  Lillian Elsinga said she had received much of the same information at the Student Senate meeting.  Judy DeMers asked how the season ticket holders in section 111 would be notified.  Bev Hopman replied that according to Paula Sondreal, Box Office Manager, the move would affect approximately 100 season ticket holders since much of section 111 is held for corporate seating.  The ticket office plans to contact each affected season ticket holder by phone. 


Update on Athletic Department Open Positions:    John Sirignano said there are two open assistant athletic director positions.  One is a newly defined position that will work as Director of the Fighting Sioux Club and Development Director.  Phone interviews have been completed and he is arranging for the top three candidates to come on campus for personal interviews.  The second position is Kathy McCann’s replacement and with be the Assistant Athletic Director  - Facilities/SWA.  The Athletic Department has received the names from Human Resources for the top candidates and phone interviews are being scheduled.  The top candidates will be invited to visit campus for personal interviews.  Bev Hopman will notify the IAC members of the dates and times for each candidate’s interview.  There was some discussion on the job title “Senior Women’s Administrator”.  Lillian Elsinga found the term offensive and stressed that talent is not gender related.  John Sirignano said the position title is mandated by the NCAA and by NCAA guidelines must be filled by a woman.  In many schools, the SWA is often one of the female coaches.  At UND, the position has been expanded to an assistant athletic director and facility administrator. 


Fighting Sioux Club:  Jeff Bowen reported that as of July 1, 2003, one of the newly hired individuals will be taking over the responsibilities as Director of the Fighting Sioux Club.  There have been some changes proposed for the membership levels, ticket costs and benefits offered to FSC members.  John Sirignano said membership contributions will probably increase by 10%.  Instead of ½ price seating for coaches club and above, season tickets costs will raise to 2/3 of the full price.  Single game tickets will be higher for the more popular series such as Minnesota, St. Cloud and Colorado College in hockey, and NDSU in football and basketball.  The faculty/staff benefit of ½ price memberships will stay intact.  John Sirignano said the estimated overall increase in cost for a season ticket holder will be about $1.50 per game.  FSC membership renewals are scheduled to be mailed on May 15 with a July 1 deadline.  Jeff Bowen said the interest in membership has remained strong. 


Ray Diez asked whether the IAC was charged with approving ticket prices. Sue Jeno said we are charged with reviewing the budget but did not see tickets specifically referenced in the duties listed by the University Senate. 


Judy DeMers asked about attendance for women’s hockey.  John Sirignano said UND finished 2nd in the nation in overall attendance.  The first weekend accounted for a large percentage of those fans.  Athletics is working on ways to increase the attendance, including scheduling most of the games on the main ice sheet.  The department has also put in a bid to host the 2006 Women’s Frozen Four.


Gender Equity:   Jared Bruggeman will give an update on gender equity at the next meeting.


IAC Alumni Representation:  Several years ago, the number of alumni representatives on the committee was increased to three to allow for training time for the new members.  Judy DeMers moved we request the University Senate to return the alumni representation to two members.  Ray Diez seconded.  Lowell Schweigert thought it may be useful to add a third alumni member, preferably a women to represent the growing number of female athletes.  Lillian Elsinga said all committees need to address equity.  Judy DeMers suggested that both sides be presented to the Senate.  The vote was called and the motion carried by a majority vote.  Sue Jeno will contact the University Senate to have the issue placed on the agenda for their next meeting.


Letterwinners – Spring:    Ray Diez moved the committee approve the letterwinners as recommended by their head coaches for the winter and spring sports.  Susan Nelson seconded.  Motion carried.  (A list is attached at the end of these minutes.)


Budget:   John Sirignano will have a budget report available for the May 20 meeting. 


Schedules:  Proposed schedules were distributed for football, volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s hockey.  Sue Jeno questioned the men’s basketball schedule, specifically the non-conference games scheduled for mid-week.  Ray Diez moved to table the discussion on schedules until the next meeting.  Judy DeMers seconded.  Motion carried.


Welcome New Member:  Sue Jeno introduced and welcomed Lowell Schweigert as the new alumni representative. 


The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


The following student-athletes have been recommended by their coaches to be awarded letters for participating in the following sports for the 2002-03 season:


Men’s Basketball, Rich Glas – Head Coach


Beasley, Jerome                   Bradley, Steven                     Brandt, Jeffrey

Dahl, Dan                               Jahner, Jade                          Johnson, Josh

Johnson, Michael                  Lindahl, Evan             Porter, Mario

Rypkema, Todd                     Walker, Ryan


Women’s Basketball, Gene Roebuck – Head Coach

Boese, Kristi                          Boll, Jennifer                          Britz, Gina

Demaine, Cara                     Elias, Tamar                          Glynn, Megan

Hausauer, Chelsea               Kilander, Kristi                       Leighton, Marisa

Mahlum, Amy             Moen, Rebecca                     Olimb, Dana

Perrizo, Mary                        


Men’s Swimming, Maviael Sampaio – Head Coach

Alves, Fernando                    Andersson, Sebastian          Brand, Andrew

Breitstein, Raymond Buckland John                       Burckhard, Andy

Burrow, John                          Canela, Eduardo                   Cintra, Rodrigo

Golz, Matthew                        Hahn, Mike                             Halverson, Brandon

Henderson, Donald               Hirt, Bryan                              Kronemeyer, Nathan

McNutt, Mathew                     Mills, Jacob                            Moseley, Kasey

Mraule, Jason                        O’Brien, Jordon                     Peters, Jared

Rudeen, Dan                         Schneider, Jeffrey                 Siders, Matt

Smestad, Justin                    Stogner, Matthew                  Swanholm, Benjamin

Taylor, Sam                           Weeks, Aaron                                  


Women’s Swimming, Maviael Sampaio – Head Coach

Bentz, Kari                             Berry, Janice                         Bucher, Erica

Chmielewski, Kathryn           Daller, Martina                       Feuerhaken, Amy

Gordon, Rachel                     Guy, Sarah                             Harlan, Sara

Hill, Katie M.                          Holth, Janice                          Johnson, Melissa

Karner, Kelsey                       Kohlhof, Elisabeth                 Lindsey, Christine

Merisalu, Mare                      Mickelson, Lauren                 Portelance, Jenna

Richmire, Sara                      Riggs, Trish                           Uvaas, Kayley

Wallick, Lindsey                    Warner, Katie                        Zimmer, Ashley

Borgschatz, Erin


Baseball, Kelvin Ziegler – Head Coach

Brown, Nathan                       DeVillers, Brian                     Decker, Dalton

Evans, Andrew                      Fairchild, Jason                     Jaeger, Bradley

Johnson, Marty                      Johnson, Scott                       King, Jason

Koehn, Travis                        Lorenson, Mark                     Mickelson, Nathan

Mileski, Blair                          Olson, Mark                           Reich, Matt

Reinke, Jeffrey                      Saxton, Travis                        Scheving, J.J.

Schlangen, Jason                 Shonka, John             Sukut, Brent

Teagle, Luke                          VanLoy, Andrew                    Wasiloski, Troy

Weiland, Nick                        Willis, Brad                            Willis, Bruce James


Men’s Hockey, Dean Blais – Head Coach

Bochenski, Brandon             Brandt, Jacob                        Canady, Brian

Connelly, Ryan                       Fuher, Nick                            Fylling, Quinn

Genoway, Colby                    Greene, Matthew                   Hale, David

Hale, Ryan                             Jones, Matt                            Leinweber, Chris

Lundbohm, David                  Marvin, Lee                            Massen, James

McMahon, Rory                     Notermann, Jason                 Palmiscno, Tyler

Parise, Zach                          Prpich, Mike                          Ranfranz, Marc

Schneider, Andy                    Siembida, Joshua                 Sofie, Ryan

Spiewak, Kevin


Women’s Hockey, Shantel Rivard – Head Coach

Bakhit, Anastasia                  Fingland, Devon                    Funk, Elizabeth

Hasbargen, Amber               Strong, Abbey                       Tofte, Mikaela

White, Sherrie                      


Softball, Tracy Marback- Head Coach

Blake, Rachelle                     Carlo, Rori                 `           Crane, Karen

Johnson, Melinda                  Landry, Melissa                     Lothian, Erin

Maasch, Anna                       Marks, Kimberly                    McMahon, Lauren

Oie, Kelsey                            Petersen, Tara                      Skinner, Amanda

Smith, Nikole                         Soderquist, Jenny                 Syvertsen, Terisa

Tondryk, Brooke                    Bock, Rachelle                      Carter, Felicia


Tennis, Tom Wynne – Head Coach

Bloomberg, Hana                  Cartwright, Jenny                  Differding, Shauna

Dufresne, Andrea                  Mihulka, Jenni                        Mihulka, Katie

Spicer, Emily                         Sullivan, Erin


Men’s Track, Mike Grandall – Head Coach

Bremer, Jordan                     Dahlseng, Mark                     Davidson, Denton

Davidson, Erik                       Farmer, Michael                    Felton, Cameron

Fiala, Nathan                         Gerszewski, Matthew           Goheen, Ryan

Hanke, Steve             Holmes, Peter                       Keigley, Brent

Kouba, Dustin                        Kriegler, Paul             Lee, Ryan

Mahmoud, Riza                     Maine, Adam                         Nelson, Brian

Peters, Robert                       Rygh, David                           Schafer, Ryan

Schiele, Justin                       Staskivige, Stephen             Stoltz, Tyler

Wilson, Michael



Women’s Track, Dick Clay – Head Coach

Amberson, Ellen                    Boese, Sarah                        Bretthauer, Lydia

Britz, Stacy                             Caron, Amanda                     Egeberg, Kari

Faul, Heidi                             Felber, Cassandra                Griffith, Jenna

Johnson, Julie                        Kesinger, Jacqueline            Merritt, Talia

Morris, Elizabeth                   Murch, Kristin             Murphy, JoAan

Nelson, Kari                           Olimb, Dana                          Roehrich, Melissa

Sackett, Rachel                     Sackett, Veronica                 Sailer, Sara

Schill, Jessica                       Sedler, Darby                        Lichter, Jessie