April 22, 2004


ATTENDING:  Brad Berg, Charlie Bridgeford, Jared Bruggeman, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Lillian Elsinga, Phil Harmeson, Sue Jeno, Mark Rudolph, Lowell Schweigert, John Sirignano, Bruce Smith, Paul Todhunter


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Sue Jeno called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. in the Physical Therapy Conference Room (1537), of the Medical School


Minutes:  Judy DeMers moved that the minutes from the March 25, 2004, meeting be approved.  Lowell Schweigert seconded.  Motion carried.


Letterwinners:  Prior to the meeting, Bev Hopman had sent out a list of recommended letterwinners for men’s hockey, softball, baseball, men’s and women’s track and tennis.  Lillian Elsinga moved the letterwinners be approved as recommended by the head coaches.  Bruce Smith seconded.  Motion carried.  A list of letterwinners is attached.  Any changes in letterwinners for the sports still competing will be addressed at the May meeting.


Compliance:  Jared Bruggeman said there are no violations to report for spring semester.


Budget:  John Sirignano said the Athletic Department budget was recently prepared, but Athletics is still working with the Budget Office to wrap up some details.  Expenses will increase due to larger guarantees offered in football and basketball.  Women’s hockey expenses will also rise with the move to the Women’s WCHA.  Due to the loss of NDSU and SDSU in the conference, travel expenses for the non-revenue sports will increase as well.  Sue Jeno asked if a budget report would be available for the May meeting.  John Sirignano said he would have one ready.  Phil Harmeson reported that UND’s revenue share from the WCHA playoffs was $107,000.


Gender Equity:  Jared Bruggeman reported that the next annual NCAA Gender Equity report is due  in October, 2005.   Once it has been prepared, he will make copies available to the IAC.


Facilities:  Lowell Schweigert asked who is coordinating the fundraising efforts for the completion of the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center.  Mark Rudolph said Athletics is working with the Alumni Office and have formed several separate committees to coordinate the project.  Tours of the new facility are being scheduled for prospective donors.    Sue Jeno asked if the elimination of parking spaces due to the new edition was going to be a problem.  Mark Rudolph said there will be enough spaces to accommodate parking for hockey only or basketball only events, but that there could be some problems on nights with both events are occurring at the same time.  Jared Bruggeman said parking meetings are being held with REA, the City of Grand Forks and the Athletic Department to address the parking problem. 


Tickets:  Mark Rudolph reported that invoices for season tickets and FSC membership have been sent out.  Season and single game ticket prices are listed on line at the Athletic Department website (  A copy of the price list is attached to the minutes.  Ray Diez asked if ticket prices should be approved by the IAC.  Sue Jeno checked the University Senate directives and ticket pricing was not specifically addressed, but could be covered under the general statement of “provide guidance concerning other financial matters.”  Judy DeMers asked for an explanation of the ticket pricing policy.  John Sirignano said the philosophy is to optimize prices to get as much profit as possible.  They prepare a project model and compare UND’s ticket prices to other schools in the league.  John Sirignano said prices are discussed all year long and projected 2-3 years in advance.  Sue Jeno recommended ticket prices could be placed on next February’s IAC agenda. 


Fighting Sioux Club:  Mark Rudolph said a letter had been sent to non Fighting Sioux Club members who have season tickets for men’s hockey.  They were informed that beginning with the 2004-05 season, all season ticket holders would be required to join the FSC at the Century Club level ($110/year) or higher to maintain their season tickets. 


Open Positions in Athletics:  Jared Bruggeman said an on campus interview is scheduled for the top candidate for the assistant swimming coach position.  This is a new 10 month position that will begin in August.  The assistant strength coach Nate Baukol and the assistant women’s basketball coach Megan Pick have interim appointments that expire 6/30/04.  These jobs will be posted soon and should be filled by July 1. 


Philosophy/Policy Manual:  Jared Bruggeman reported that the old policy manual has been divided into sections and distributed among department staff to be updated.  Sue Jeno asked if the IAC wanted to see a copy of the manual.  It was decided that a hard copy will be available in the Athletic Department.  The philosophy and mission statement will be posted on-line. 


Championship Awards Program:  The championship awards program will take place on Sunday, May 9, in the Memorial Union Ballroom.  A social for the student-athletics will be held from 1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.  The awards presentation will begin at 2:00 p.m. followed by an hors d'oeuvre buffet for the seniors, their parents and Legacy Club members. 


Old Business:

Lillian Elsinga said that a copy of Roger Thomas’ letter to the students will be included in the Getting Started packet for all incoming freshman and their parents.  She said the tribute to Kayla Thompson’s life went very well and that a memorial service for Dru Sjodin was planned for Wednesday, April 28, at the Chester Fritz Auditorium.



New Business: 


Admission Standards:  Paul Toddhunter asked if the new admission standards would hurt recruiting and how many of the current student-athletes would have been denied admission based on the higher standards.  Jared Bruggeman said it was not known yet how it would affect future recruitment, but that a large number of the current student-athletes would not have met the automatic admission standards.  Phil Harmeson stressed that the higher standards are for automatic admission.  Jared Bruggeman said the Admissions Office will use a sliding scale as well, but they have not provided him with a sample.  Paul Toddhunter asked if UND would be losing local student-athletes to NDSU and SDSU.  Mark Rudolph said it will probably cause more problems when recruiting against Minnesota.  Charlie Bridgeford asked how long it would take to get the results of an appeal.  Jared Bruggeman replied that it would depend when the student-athlete applied.  Jared Bruggeman has checked with other NCAA schools to see what policies are in place for student-athlete admissions.  He will bring that information to the next meeting.   Sue Jeno asked if Athletics tracked student-athletes academic progress based on their ACT’s.  Jared Bruggeman said the only ones he tracked were student-athletes that were admitted on appeal.  He said those student-athletes have done quite well. 


Athletics-Academics:  Ray Diez said he was not able to bring up the issue of students missing classes due to extra-curricular activities at the last University Senate meeting.  He will introduce it at the next opportunity.


The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.  The next meeting will be May 27th at 3:30 p.m. in room 1537 of the Medical School.



The following student-athletes have been recommended by their coaches to be awarded letters for participating in the following sports for the 2004 winter sports season:


Men’s Hockey, Head Coach – Dean Blais

Bina, Robbie                         Bochenski, Brandon             Brandt, Jacob

Canady, Brian                       Fabian, Erik                           Foyt, Scott

Fuher, Nick                            Fylling, Quinn             Genoway, Colby

Greene, Matthew                   Hale, Ryan                             Jones, Matt

Lundbohm, David                  Marvin, Lee                            Massen, James

McMahon, Rory                     Murray, Brady                        Palmisco, Tyler

Parise, Jordan                       Parise, Zach                          Porter, Chris

Prpich, Mike                          Schneider, Andy                    Smaby, Matt

Stafford, Drew                       Ziegelmann, Nate


Softball, Head Coach – Tracy Marback

Carlo, Rori                             Carter, Felicia                       Crane,Karen

Johnson, Melinda                  Marks, Kimberly                    Nelson, Brittany                    

Oie, Kelsey                            Petersen, Taraa                    Skinner, Amanda

Smiley, Stephanie                 Smith, Nikole                         Syvertsen, Terisa     

Taylor, Christine


Women’s Track, Head Coach – Dick Clay

Amberson, Ellen                    Baustian, Erin                        Beeson, Brittany

Bielejeski, April                     Bjugstad, Leslie                    Boese, Sarah

Burgard,Michelle                   Caron, Amanda                     Davis,Leah

Duerre, Rachelle                   Evans, Heidi                          Flach, Jennifer

Fleck, Jessica                       Gegelman, Lyndsy                Kensinger, Jacqueline

Kuhn, Andrea             Landberg, Margaret              Larson, Amanda

Lichter, Jessie                       Miska, Judy                            Mooney, Kellie

Murch, Kristin             Nagel, Amanda                     Neva, Jessica

Sackett, Rachel                     Sackett, Veronica                 Sailer, Sara

Schill, Jessica                       Sedler, Darby                        Sims, Nicole

Zander, Heidi


Baseball, Head Coach – Kelvin Ziegler

Driscoll, Adam                       Evans, Andrew                      Fairchild, Jason

Frenzel, Tyler             Heston, Darin                        Jaeger, Bradley

Johnson, Marty                      Johnson, Travis                     Koehn, Travis

Koenig, Lucas                       Lundeen, Mike                       Mileski, Blair

Olson, Mark                           Olson, Ross                           Reich, Matt

Reinke, Jeffrey                      Sandman, Luke                     Scheving, J.J.           

Schlangen, Jason                 Stott, Andrew             Sukut, Brent  

Wasiloski, Troy                      Willis, Brad


Men’s Track, Head Coach – Mike Grandall

Alexander, Donovan Charles, Demetrius               Cook, Jason

Davidson, Erik                       DeKrey, Lee                          Dorais, Andrew

Fiala, Nathan                         Gerszewski, Matthew           Goheen, Ryan

Green, Zach                           Haugan, Josh                        Josephson, David

Keigley, Brent                        Kollman, Randy                     Kriegle, Paul

Mahoney, Patrick                  Nelson, Patrick                      Presthus, Daniel

Rygh, David                           Sailer, Matt                            Schafer, Ryan

Schulh, John                          Stoltz, Tyler                            Thomas, Drew

Wilson, Michael


Tennis, Head Coach – Tom Wynne

Bloomberg, Hana                  Cartwright, Jenny                  Dufresne, Andrea

Fredstrom, Erica                   Mihulka, Jenni                        Spicer, Emily

Sullivan, Erin


Ticket Information - 2004-05 Hockey Season Tickets



Season tickets:

Men's Hockey

Women's Hockey

Individual game tickets:

All Reserved seating - Ticket surcharges included

All General Admission - Ticket surcharges included



Adult  $21/$22 (Fri/Sat-Non WCHA), $24/25 (Fri/Sat- WCHA) 
Minnesota   $28.00
Wisconsin   $28.00

Adult  $7.00


Youth (18 & under) $11.00

Youth (18 & under) $5.00


Companion (ages 2 & under) $6.00





UND Student w/ID $6.00

UND Student w/ID Free

For NEW orders of SEASON hockey tickets, call: 77-SIOUX today!

There is a waiting list for men's hockey season tickets.

Click HERE for information about the waiting list.

Current season ticket renewals will take place between April 15 - June 1, 2004.
All tickets must be paid for in full by June 1.
Changes (membership upgrades, seat changes, etc.) will take place between June 2-30, 2004.



Ticket Information - 2004 Football Season Tickets


Season tickets:



$76.00 (UND Faculty/Staff)

$72.00 (Fighting Sioux Club Discount Price)


Single Game:







(vs. Duluth)



Youth (18 and under)



Senior citizen (60+)


To order 2004 Football Season tickets, visit the Ralph Engelstad Arena Box Office, or you can download the PDF form below and mail to UND Box Office, PO Box 9045, Grand Forks, ND 58202.

Current season ticket renewals will take place between April 15, 2004 and June 1, 2004.  All tickets must be paid in full by June 1, 2004.  Changes (membership upgrades, seat changed, etc.) will take place between June 2 -21, 2004.



Ticket Information - 2004-05 Basketball Season Tickets


 Season Tickets:





Individual game tickets:




Adult reserved



Youth reserved (to age 18)



Senior reserved (60+)



Adult general admission



Youth & Senior general admission


To order Basketball Season tickets, call: 77-SIOUX today!

Current season ticket renewals will take place between April 15 - June 1, 2004.
All tickets must be paid for in full by June 1.
Changes (membership upgrades, seat changes, etc.) will take place between June 2-30, 2004.