April 24, 2007


ATTENDING:  Jim Antes, Charlie Bridgeford, Ron Brinkert, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Sue Jeno, Betty Ralston, Lowell Schweigert


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Ray Diez called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m. in the Presidents Room of the Memorial Union.    


Minutes:  Sue Jeno moved the minutes from the March 20, 2007, meeting be approved.  Judy DeMers seconded.  Motion carried.


UND Faculty Athletic Representative Update:  Sue Jeno said the Division I Commission met on April 24 to work on the draft which will be submitted to President Kupchella.  Judy DeMers asked if the University Senate has discussed the transition to Division I.  Ray Diez said it has been discussed.  Sue Jeno said President Kupchella and AD Buning addressed the Senate on this issue.  It was an informational meeting only.  The University Senate did not take a position on the transition.  Based on the Carr report and the NCAA model, Sue Jeno said the charges and the responsibilities of the IAC may need to be updated.  Jim Antes asked if the IAC would be involved in the revisions.  Sue Jeno replied that the IAC, not the DI Commission, would prepare the revisions and send them to the Senate for approval.




Athletic Department: 


  • Betty Ralston reported that Brian Idalski has been hired as the new head women’s hockey coach. 
  • Ray Diez cited the University Senate Committee manual which states that the IAC should “Participate in the search and screen process for head coaches and senior Athletic Department administrators”.  He stated that the IAC should be more involved as the transition to DI takes place. 



  • Betty Ralston said that several new positions will need to be created with the move to DI, including a Director of Compliance and a Director of Academic Services.  She stressed that the IAC will need to be involved in the preparation of educational pamphlets and guidelines.  Jim Antes asked if this was new policy related to the DI transition or if there were existing problems.  Betty Ralston replied that UND coaches and student-athletes needed education and that much of her time at UND has been playing catch up.
  • Betty Ralston said 3 student-athletes have been nominated for NCAA 5th year scholarships
  • A 6th year extension waiver has been filed for a soccer player.



  • Betty Ralston reported that 5 sports managed to stay under budget for FY07.  The sports are baseball, women’s ice hockey, men’s track and field/cc, women’s track and field/cc and volleyball.  The rest of the sports programs exceeded their budgets.  Other shortages occurred in the training room due to the addition of one new athletic trainer position and an insurance increase of $45,000-$50,000.  The Fighting Sioux Club also had a $200,000 shortfall. 
  • No overall budget deficit is being predicted as a result of higher than anticipated ticket sales.  Hockey tickets were $300,000 higher; football sales were $30,000 higher; and basketball sales were $20,000 higher for a total of $350,000. 
  • Ray Diez asked if track and field would experience a deficit if the team or individuals participated in the NCAA nationals.  Betty Ralston said the NCAA reimburses UND for most of championship competition expenses. 


Old Business

  • Division I Sub-committees:  Ray Diez asked if the IAC should be taking any action to prepare for DI.  Sue Jeno said it would be better to wait until the DI Commission report is finalized and sent to President Kupchella.  The duties of the IAC will be more clearly defined once the President has responded to the report.  Ray Diez asked if the IAC would need to meet in May.  Sue Jeno said the letter of intent and check will not be mailed to the NCAA until late May when most of the faculty members would be off campus.  She suggested waiting until fall to have a better understanding of what will be needed. 
  • IAC Chair:  Ray Diez said the NCAA model lists the Faculty Athletic Representative as chair of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee.  Judy DeMers objected to the idea stating that the IAC was a University Senate Committee and should maintain its independence from the Athletic Department.  Betty Ralston stated that the Carr report recommended the FAR serve as IAC chair.  The FAR is not an Athletic Department employee, but an appointment of the president and reports directly to the president, not to Athletics.  All of the FAR expenses are paid for by the President’s Office and are not part of the Athletics budget.  The major benefit of having the FAR serve as chair of the committee would be for consistency.  This is especially important during the DI transition.  No decision was reached on the future of the IAC chair. 
  • Student Fees:  Judy DeMers asked if the students had decided to support the transition to DI through student fees.  Sue Jeno said President Kupchella and AD Tom Buning were going to address the Student Senate on April 29.  Betty Ralston said several representatives from student government were at the DI Commission meeting held that morning.  The students indicated they did not object to the increase in student fees but wanted the most up to date information before a decision was made. 


New Business:

A list of proposed letterwinners was presented by Bev Hopman.  She stated that the spring sports are still in season.  If there are any changes in the letterwinner list, the corrections will be brought to the first meeting in the fall.  Jim Antes moved the letterwinners be approved as recommended by the head coaches.  Ron Brinkert seconded.  Motion carried.  A list of letterwinners is attached.



  • The Spring Awards Program for Athletics is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, in the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center.  The program will start at 6:30 p.m. and everyone is invited to attend.


Matters Arising:

  • Betty Ralston said an additional home football game has been added.  It will be August 23 vs. Humboldt State.  She apologized for adding the game without approval of the IAC, but explained that it was important to get the announcement out prior to the season ticket renewal deadline. 


At 5:00 p.m., Ron Brinkert moved the meeting adjourn.  Lowell Schweigert seconded.  Motion carried.


The following student-athletes have been recommended as varsity letterwinners by their head coaches.


Men’s Basketball – Brian Jones, Head Coach

Bledsoe, Travis                     Boyce, Harry                          Doyle, Josh

Dryburgh, Thomas                Gutter, Mike                           Hoy, Jimmy

Koenig, Tyler                         Kruse, Mark                           Lehnertz, Ben

Little, Emmanuel                   Porter, Wes                           Youmans, Ervin


Women’s Basketball – Gene Roebuck, Head Coach

Bagaason, Kayla                  Beck, Karla                            Bergan, Jossy

Brady, Anna Leigh                Guinn, Danye             Holthusen, Jordan

Jahner, Carissa                     Kimbrough, Kierah                Langen, Ashley

Maffin, Kelsey                        Roebuck, Cierra                    Sannes, Val

Seay, Alys


Women’s Hockey – Dennis Miller, Interim, Head Coach

Allen, Aynsley                        Allen, Christey                       Bowers, Samantha

Carlson, Christy                     Cook, Andrea                        Flanagan,Cassandra

Fletcher, Kelsey                    Gagnon Laplante, Alexia      Hanson, Casie

Holland, Jodi                          Jaques, Melissa                    Johnson, Alyssa

Kirkham, Brittany                   Lynch, Ashley             Motsko, Randi

Paulson, Ashley                     Porter, Jenny                         Schirado, Jade

Turner, Samantha                 Williams, Alex


Men’s Swimming & Diving – Maviael Sampaio, Head Coach

Anderson, Erik                      Baarlaer, Lucas                     Bancroft, Chris

Buhr, Anthony                        Degenstein, John                  Ferreira, Rodrigo

Fitzgerald, John                     Hahn, Camerin                      Hansen, Dan

Haugen, Douglas                  Hawley, Zach             Hoenig, Michael

Knight, Eric                            Moraes, Daniel                      Musselwhite, Jonathan

Pereira, Pedro                      Schlank, Taylor                      Schrautemyer, A. J.

Seaburg, Shaun                    Smith, Ben                             Starkweather, Josh

Westergren, Per                    Zabler, Dan


Women’s Swimming & Diving – Maviael Sampaio, Head Coach

Anvik, Caycee                       Busso, Natalia                       Carlson, Jessica

DeShaw, Cathryn                  DiGregorio, Kathi                  DiGregorio, Michelle

Dorsher, Madonna                Fries, Alicia                           Gormally, Carissa

Jamerson, Brittney                Kahnke, Jessica                   Kiczula, Beth

Maxwell, Allison                     Nelson, Anneliesse               Nissen, Angela

Nolz, Kari                               Pendergrass, Breanne         Sanner, Kathryn

Stuckel, Kate                         Tande, Lindsey                      Varichak, Kari

Wollenhaupt, Sarah              Worden, Anna



Men’s Hockey – Dave Hakstol, Head Coach

Bina, Robbie                         Chorney, Taylor                     Duncan, Ryan

Fabian, Erik                           Finley, Joe                             Forney, Michael

Foyt, Scott                              Genoway, Chay                     Grieco, Anthony

Jones, Zach                           Kaip, Rylan                            Kozek, Andrew

Lamoureux, Philipe               Lee, Brian                              Martens, Ryan

Miller, Brad                            Oshie, T. J.                             Porter, Chris

Radke, Kyle                           Toews, Jonathon                   VandeVelde, Chris

Walski, Aaron                        Watkins, Matt             Zajac, Darcy


Baseball – Kelvin Ziegler, Head Coach

Bakhit, Jabriel                       Benson, Jameson                 Bird House, Rob

Bovkoon, Casey                    Brenner, Anthony                   Burns, Tim

Casey, Pat                             Frenzel, Tyler             Fuller, Jason

Gudmunson, Andrew            Gulsvig, Chris                        Jungling, Ryne

Kinne, Samuel                       Lueck, Michael                      Lundeen, Mike

Meissner, Nate                      Merkel, Tyler                          Nelson, Josh

Niehoff, Joe                           Randt, Cody                           Roller, Dana

Sadler, Sam                          Sandman, Lucas                   Schmidt, Scott

Stanley, Bo


Men’s Track and Field – Mike Grandall, Head Coach

Alexander, Donovan Armburst, Josh                      Barclay, Mark

Carlson, Clark                       DeKrey, Lee                          Delmore, Patrick

Downs, Kyle                           Durkin, Eric                            Fick, Matt

Fransen, Brian                       Gerszewski, Matt                  Gilson, Jonathon

Green, Zach                           Hansen, Thomas                   Jones, Jeremy

Kjos, Rusty                             LaBlanc, Josh                        Litzinger, Matt

Mahoney, Patrick                  Moe, Erik                               Molvig, Mark

Rosseau, Kyle                       Sailer, Matt                            Schroeder, Jay

Schroyer, Creighton              Schultz, Travis                       Spitsberg, Richie

Thomas, Drew                       Umland, Dustin                      Wilkens, Nicholas


Women’s Track and Field – Dick Clay, Head Coach

Aune, Renee                          Baker, Natika                        Benke, Lori

Burgard, Michelle                  Carpenter, Sara                    Clausnitzer, Jessica

Dahlheimer, Kristi                 Dahlstrom, Nikki                    Evans, Heidi

Fleck, Jessica                       Gefroh, Amanda                    Gegelman, Lyndsy

Hofland, Leslie                      Homstad, Suzy                      Keithley, Kristy

Kern, Shannon                       Klabo, Krista                          Landberg, Margaret

LaRoche, Kate                      Malone, Callie                       Messer, Jessica

Peterson, Dana                     Pfau, Kayla                            Vogel, Krista

Zander, Heidi




Tennis – Tom Wynne, Head Coach

Callison, Emily                       Callison, Katie                       Folkert, Lindsey

Hall, Christa                           Hoverstein, Katie                  Hustad, Emma

Mauer, Molly                          Sullivan, Mollie                       Wessman, Katie


Softball – Tracy Marback, Head Coach

Roth, Amber                          Rehberger, Abby                   Mowry, Melissa

Pearce, Alicia                        Gaustad, Lindsey                  Hanson, Casie

Lothian, Anne                        Kriegler, Marie                      Oswald, Carrie

Price (Holicky), Jess Puerling, Nicole                     Larson, Nicole

Wernick, Justine                    Nelk, Rhonda             Zavala, Brittny