April 26, 2006


ATTENDING:  Charlie Bridgeford, Ron Brinkert, Lillian Elsinga, Phil Harmeson, Susan Jeno, Donna Pearson, Betty Ralston, Lowell Schweigert, Brian Strom, Paul Todhunter


Guest:  Don Kojich


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Paul Todhunter called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. in the Medora Room of the Memorial Union. 


Minutes:  Charlie Bridgeford moved the minutes from the March 29, 2006, as submitted.  Lowell Schweigert seconded.  Motion carried.


Department Updates:


AD Tom Buning was out of town at NCAA meetings so Associate AD Betty Ralston gave the departmental updates.


Personnel:  Rich Glas, head men’s basketball coach, has submitted his resignation.  A nationwide search for a new coach has begun.  Screening of applications will begin May 10.  Shannon O’Connor has resigned as the coach for the cheer and dance teams.  Amber Bruns, his assistant, has accepted the position as the new head coach.


Sports:  Tennis is ranked 2nd in the NCC and will hear on April 27 if they have been selected as one of the teams to advance to regional playoffs.  Women’s golf is currently ranked 1st in the region.  The top two teams at the end of the season will advance to the NCAA nationals.  Softball will be hosting the NCC tournament on May 5 and 6. 


Student-Athletes/SAAC:  Meghan Mutrie has been awarded the Women’s WCHA post graduate scholarship.  May 3, the Department of Athletics will be hosting the Spring Championship Awards Program.  It will be held in the Memorial Union Ballroom beginning at 6:30 p.m.  SAAC will be hosting a lock-in for students in grades 3-7 on April 28 at the Hyslop Sports Center.  All proceeds will go to the Make A Wish Foundation.  SAAC will also be hosting a sand volleyball tournament April 29-30. 


Super Gala:  The Super Gala Dinner and Auction was held on April 22.  Lowell Schweigert said a report on the funds raised should be ready on Tuesday, May 2. 


Academics and Compliance:  78 prospects have signed National Letters of Intent.  Approximately 90 new student-athletes are expected on campus in the fall of 2006, including invited walk-ons.  At this time all but 6 have been admitted.   The minimum APR for Division I is 925.  Men’s hockey was at 918.  The hockey coaches are working with Betty Ralston to develop a plan to submit to the NCAA.  She does not anticipate any loss of scholarships.


Budget:  As UND nears the end of the fiscal year, several team budgets have been frozen.  Work is continuing on the 2006-2007 budget. 


Old Business:


Team Schedules:  2006-2007 team schedules for men’s and women’s hockey, men’s and women’s basketball, football, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s cross country, volleyball, soccer and men’s golf were submitted for approval.  Lillian Elsinga moved the schedules be approved as submitted.  Ron Brinkert seconded.  Motion carried.  Betty Ralston said spring sports schedules were still being developed.  The committee agreed to approve additional schedules via an e-mail vote.


New Business:

Letterwinners:  A list of letterwinners for women’s basketball, women’s hockey, men’s track and field, baseball, tennis, softball and women’s track and field as proposed by their head coaches was submitted.  Sue Jeno expressed concern regarding the list from women’s hockey as to what criteria was used.  Bev Hopman said she would send the list of criteria to the IAC committee.  Charlie Bridgeford moved to approve the letterwinners as listed and to request clarification from the women’s hockey program regarding the criteria used for earning a letter.  Lillian Elsinga seconded.  After some discussion, Ron Brinkert called the question.  The motion carried with one dissenting vote.  Since concern was expressed regarding the women’s hockey program, Phil Harmeson  recommended a “sense of the committee” be reported to Tom Buning.  Betty Ralston was charged with discussing the issue with the Athletic Director.  (**After a discussion with the head coach, a new list of proposed women’s hockey letterwinners was sent out.  An e-mail vote was held and the new list was approved.  The approved letterwinner list is attached.)


Reclassification Study:  Paul Todhunter had received communications from Ray Diez with questions regarding the DI/DII reclassification study.  Many rumors have been circulating and

Ray Diez felt the IAC should make certain they have the correct information when talking to outside constituents.  Sue Jeno is a member of the reclassification study and said a meeting is set to go over the preliminary draft on May 9.  The final draft will be forwarded to President Kupchella with no recommendation.  The President will make the final decision.  Phil Harmeson introduced Don Kojich from University Relations.  Mr. Kojich gave the following information on the reclassification study.  A 20 member task force was formed in mid November.  The task force was not charged with making a recommendation to the President but was formed as a fact finding committee examining the pros and cons of a move to Division I vs. remaining at Division II.  There are 8 sub-committees.  The sub-committees are Education, Support Services, Policies, Facilities, Constituents, Personnel, Conference Affiliation, and Resources.  The first stage of the study was fact finding, the second stage was surveying the constituencies and the third stage will be the final report going to the President on May 9.  He reiterated that the President will make the decision and that no decision has been to date.  Charlie Bridgeford asked if there was a timeline or a specific date set for UND to make a decision.  Don Kojich said there is no set timeline for UND, but that both the NCC and the NCAA have deadlines if UND were going to make the change for next year.  Changing to Division I is a five year process with the first year being an exploratory year.  Don Kojich said to help control the rumors it is best if only a few people talk to the public regarding reclassification.


The meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.  No further meetings were scheduled for this academic year.  If any issues arise they will be handled via e-mail.




Women’s Basketball – Gene Roebuck, Coach

Bagaason, Kayla                  Beck, Karla                            Boese, Kristi

Guinn, Danye             Holthusen, Jordan                 Jahner, Carissa

Kimbrough, Kierah                Langen, Ashley                      Ledger, Whitney

Maffin, Kelsey                        Mahlum, Amy             Roebuck, Cierra

Sannes, Val                           Werdell, Jenna         


Women’s Hockey – Shantel Rivard, Coach

Allen, Aynsley                        Allen, Christey                       Bowers, Samanth

Cecko, Laura                         Fingland, Devon                    Funk, Liz

Girtz, Anne                             Hanson, Casie                      Hasbargen, Amber

Hopps, Meghan                     Jaques, Melissa                    Kovacevich, Jessica

Motsko, Randi                       Mutrie, Meghan                     Wooster, Cami

Wooster, Cara          


Men’s Track and Field – Mike Grandall, Coach

Alexander, Donovan Carlson, Clark                       Cory, Zack

DeKrey, Lee                          Delmore, Patrick                   Fashant, Stephen

Fick Matt                                Gilson, Jonathan                   Green, Zach

Hansen, Thomas                   Haugan, Josh                        Hehling, Corey

Johnson, Eric             Jones, Jeremy                       Josephson, David

Kjos, Rusty                             Litzinger, Matt                        Mahoney, Patrick

Moe, Erik                               Nordlund, Nathan                  Rygh, David

Sailer, Matt                            Schroeder, Jay                      Spitsberg, Richie

Stoltz, Tyler                            Sundquist, Grant                   Yates, Brandon


Baseball – Kelvin Zieger, Coach

Beard, James                        Bodell, Ryan                          Burns, Tim

Casey, Pat                             Cooley, Sean             Dehn, Aaron

Fairchild, Jason                     Fuller, Jason                          Gulsvig, Chris

Hendrickson, Ryan                Heston, Darin                        Kringen, Alex

Lundeen, Mike                       Meissner, Nate                      Meyer, Tony

Randt, Cody                           Roller, Dana                           Sandman, Lucas

Schmidt, Scott                       Simonson, Matt                     Stanley, Bo

Wasiloski, Troy


Tennis – Tom Wynne, Coach     

Bloomberg, Hana                  Callison, Emily                       Differding, Shauna

Folkert, Lindsey                     Hall, Christa                           Hoverstein, Katie

Sullivan, Erin


Softball – Tracy Marback, Coach

Carlo, Rori                             Carter, Felicia                       Champion (Landry), Melissa

Crane, Karen                         Hanson, Casie                      Hume, Sharla

Olson, Jasha                          Oswald, Carrie                      Petersen, Tara

Price (Holicky), Jess Puerling, Niclole                    Reid, Haley

Stargardt, Brittany                 Wernick, Justine                    Wolf, Michele


Women’s Track and Field – Dick Clay, Coach

Aune, Renee                          Beeson, Brittany                    Boger, Jessica

Burgard, Michelle                  Ciofani, Leigh                        Clausnitzer, Jessica

Dahlstrom, Nikki                    Duerre, Rachelle                   Evans, Heidi

Fleck, Jessica                       Fossum, Erica                       Gefroh, Mandy

Gegelman, Lyndsy                Hausauer, Lindsey                Homstad, Suzy

Keithley, Kristy                       Klabo, Krista                          Landberg, Margaret

Lichter, Jessie                       Malone, Callie                       Nagel, Amanda

Putnam, Ashley                     Sackett, Veronica                 Zander, Heidi