May 14, 2008


ATTENDING:   James Antes, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Brian Faison, Jon Jackson, Sue Jeno, Amanda Kaler, Susan Nelson, Glenn Olsen, Betty Ralston, Paul Todhunter


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Ray Diez called the meeting to order at 4:31 p.m. in the Memorial Room of the Memorial Union. 


Jim Antes welcomed Brian Faison, the new Director of Athletics, and committee members were introduced.


Minutes:  Judy DeMers moved the minutes from the April 15,  2008, meeting be approved as submitted.  Sue Jeno seconded.  Motion carried.


FAR Update:  Sue Jeno reported that all coaches will be required to take the DI certification test for recruiting.  The move to DI will require more training for boosters – basically a “hands off” policy toward student-athletes.  The WCHA will observe Skate for the Cure the weekend of October 30-31, 2008.  Teams will wear pink jerseys and auction them off after the game to raise money for breast cancer.


Priority Registration: Betty Ralston has been working with the registrar to see what changes need to be made to the priority registration program for student-athletes.  She stressed that it was important to continue this program. 


Missed Class Time:  Susan Nelson and Ray Diez distributed a missed class policy they developed for student-athletes.  Coaches reviewed the policy and suggested a statement be added relating to last minute changes due to weather. i.e.  Due to weather related issues and realizing that the safety of the student athlete is always a priority, emergency changes to the schedule may occur.  Jon Jackson recommended the change be made and the revised policy be submitted to the University Senate.  Sue Jeno stated the policy does not need to be approved by the University Senate.  Ray Diez said presenting it to the Senate demonstrates Athletics willingness to work with faculty.  Susan Nelson said that the missed class policy could be presented as two documents, one for the student athlete and one for the athletic staff.  Jon Jackson moved the amended policy be included in the Athletic manual.  Sue Jeno seconded.  Motion carried.


Departmental Updates: 

  • Brian Faison reported that one candidate was scheduled to interview for the Assoc. AD/CFO position.  Searches are also underway for the head baseball coach and head tennis coach. 
  • Discussion is taking place regarding the formation of a new conference with members of the Great West football league. 
  • UND Athletics currently has no policy in place for handling disciplinary issues.  This is a concern that will need to be addressed. 
  • Radio and television media contracts are near completion.  Contracts with the REA and the Alerus need to be handled as partnerships as both of these venues, which are not under UND control, present Athletes with their greatest opportunity to generate revenue. 
  • Betty Ralston reported a secondary NCAA violation.  Ryan Duncan Hobey Baker pucks were sold at the REA Pro Shop.  Since Duncan is a current student athlete, his image cannot be used on items sold for profit.  The violation does not affect Duncan’s eligibility.
  • Men’s hockey reported an APR of 941
  • Janet Judge conducted a gender equity study for UND Athletics.  Several areas were cited in the study that will need to be addressed to meet NCAA certification.
  • All of the documents required for DI certification are ready for signatures and will be mailed by the June 1 deadline.


Letterwinners:  A list of letterwinners as recommended by their head coaches was submitted for women’s basketball, men’s ice hockey, women’s tennis, softball, men’s golf, women’s golf, women’s track, men’s track and baseball.  Sue Jeno moved the letterwinners be approved as recommended by their head coach.  Paul Todhunter seconded.  Motion carried.  One abstained from voting.  A list of letterwinners is attached. 


Schedules:  Due to the move to DI and the lack of conference affiliation, scheduling has been very difficult for the 2008-09 season.  Tentative schedules for men’s basketball and women’s cross country were presented.  Jon Jackson moved the tentative schedules be approved.  Glenn Olsen seconded.  Motion carried.


Spring Awards Program:  Bev Hopman reported that the championship awards program was held on April 30.  The award winners for 2008 were:  Glenn “Red” Jarrett Male Athlete of the Year - Weston Dressler; Grace Rhonemus Female Athlete of the Year - Kierah Kimbrough; Male Scholar Athlete of the Year - Weston Dressler; Female Scholar Athlete of the Year - Casie Hanson; Male Unsung Hero - Robbie Bina; Female Unsung Hero - Val Sannes; Male Rookie of the Year - Joel Schwenzfeier; Female Rookie of the Year - Katie Girard; Sioux Service Award - Marcus Tibesar, Shelly Wolf; Sioux-per Spirit Award - Lisa Persuitti.


Farewell:  Betty Ralston will be leaving UND at the end of May.  Jim Antes moved the IAC express its thanks and appreciation for all of Betty Ralston’s hard work on behalf of UND Athletics.  Judy DeMers seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.



  • Sue Jeno reminded everyone that the NCC send off is scheduled for June 21 in Sioux Falls. 
  • Jim Antes thanked Ray Diez for his work as committee chair.

The meeting adjourned at 5:26 p.m.   The first meeting fall semester is scheduled for Tuesday, August 19, at 4:00 p.m. 





May 12, 2008


The following student-athletes were recommended as varsity letterwinners by their head coaches.


Basketball, Women’s -  Gene Roebuck, Head Coach

Beck, Karla                            Bergan, Jossy                       Brady, Anna Leigh

Guinn, Danyelle                  Kimbrough, Kierah              LaFrance, Andrea

Langen, Ashley                    Ledger, Whitney                   Lof, Corey

Sannes, Val                          Seay, Alys                             Youngblut, Mallory


Hockey, Men’s – Dave Hakstol, Head Coach

Bina, Robbie                         Chorney, Taylor                   Davidson, Brent

Duncan, Ryan                      Finley, Joseph                      Forney, Michael

Frattin, Matt                           Genoway, Chay                   Jones, Zach

Kaip, Rylan                           Kozek, Andrew                     LaPoint, Derrick

Lamoureux, Phillippe         Malone, Brad                                    Martens, Ryan

Marto, Jacob                         Miller, Brad                            Oshie, T.J.

Radke, Kyle                          Trupp, Evan                          VandeVelde, Chris

Walski, Aaron                       Watkins, Matthew                Zajac, Darcy


Tennis – Tom Wynne, Head Coach

Callison, Emily                     Callison, Katie                      Hall, Christa

Hoversten, Katie                  Hustad, Emma                     Larson, Jenna

Mauer, Molly                         Pasco, Kendra                      Shotwell, Nichole

Wessman, Katie                   Whiting, Lindsey


Softball – Sami Strinz, Head Coach

Ackerman, Madalyn                        Carstensen, Nicole              Fisher, Karli

Gaustad, Lindsey                 Hanson, Casie                     Larson, Nicole

Nelk, Rhonda                       Pearce, Alicia                       Peters, Hannah

Puerling, Nicole                   Rehberger, Abby                  Roth, Amber

Wernick, Justine                  Wolf, Michele


Golf, Men’s – Rob Stiles, Head Coach

Corbett, Grant                       Holm, Michael                      Labernik, Matthew

Opdahl, Ryan                       Peterson, Daniel                  Steiner, Dustin

Suess, Jared


Golf, Women’s – Dan Frei, Head Coach

Ruppert, Natalie                   Mattfeld, Kayla                      Hoerth, Kayla

Kaler, Amanda                     Dahle, Kelli                           Lucken, Kristi

Martin, Molly                         Job, Lauryn




Track, Women’s – Dick Clay, Head Coach

Aune, Renee                                    Baker, Natika                        Benke, Lori

Butler, Jessica                      Carpenter, Sara                    Clausnitzer, Jessica

Dahlheimer, Kristine           Dahlstrom, Nicole                Evans, Heidi

Fashant, Rachel                  Fegley, Sarah                       Gefroh, Amanda

Kern, Shannon                    LaRoche, Katie                    Messner, Jessica

Peterson, Dana                    Pfau, Kayla              


Baseball – Timm Pint, Head Coach

Anderson, Sam                    Bakhit, Jabriel                       Baumgartner, Brandon

Benson, Jameson               Brenner, Anthony                Cooley, Sean

Eul, Scott                               Gudmunson, Andrew         Gulsvig, Chris

Jungling, Ryne                    Kinne, Sam                           Krivarchka, Joe

Lagein, Josh                         Lueck, Michael                     Magner, Jake

Marek, Andrew                     Nelson, Josh                                    Randt, Cody

Sadler, Andy                         Schmidt, Scott                      Spies, David


Track, Men’s – Mike Grandall, Head Coach

Barclay, Mark                        Delmore, Patrick                  Downs, Kyle

Elbert, Matt                            Fick, Matthew                       Fransen, Brian

Gilson, Jonathan                 Hanson, Carl                                    Hehling, Corey

Johnson, Eric                       Kjos, Rusty                            Korczak, Joshua

LaBlanc, Josh                      Litzinger, Matt                       Mahoney, Patrick

Moe, Erik                               Quesenberry, Brandon           Rosseau, Kyle

Schroeder, Jay                     Schroyer, Creighton                        Schultz, Travis                                 

Siegel, Bryce                                    Spitsberg, Richie                 Thomas, Drew                     

Uehran, Brandon                 Umland, Dustin                    Waechter, Ryan      

Wilkens, Nicholas