MAY 20, 2003


ATTENDING: Charlie Bridgeford, Maria Bruggeman, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Lillian Elsinga, Susan Jeno, Susan Nelson, Elizabeth Nichols, Lowell Schweigert, John Sirignano, Bruce Smith


Recorder:Bev Hopman


The meeting was called to order by Sue Jeno at 3:07 p.m. in room 1917 at the Medical School


Minutes: Judy DeMers moved the minutes from April 15, 2003, be approved.Ray Diez seconded.Motion carried.


Schedules:A composite schedule for the 2003-04 school year was presented to the committee for their approval.Ray Diez moved the schedules be approved.Elizabeth Nichols seconded.Motion carried.


Budget:John Sirignano reported that as fiscal year 2003 draws to a close, the Athletic Department is monitoring expenses very closely and with the carry over from last year expects to finish this year within budget.The department has just received the packets for FY04.With salary increases, increased insurance costs and higher tuition, he expects the new budget to be over $5 million.The athletic administration is currently looking at ways to cut waste and streamline expenses.†† Ray Diez requested that the IAC receive quarterly budget reports as they have in previous years.He suggested October, January, March and May as report dates.John Sirignano agreed to have quarterly reports prepared.


Facilities:Sue Jeno asked how the studentís decision to erect a free standing building for their new wellness center would affect the Athletic Department.John Sirignano replied that it will free up space in the Hyslop. He also reported that Athletics is awaiting a final sign off by the president to approve an addition to Ralph Engelstad Arena for menís and womenís basketball and volleyball.The ND State Legislature has already granted approval for the construction.If an agreement can be reached in time for a July ground breaking, the new facility would be ready for use by the fall of 2004.ICON Architectural Group has been hired to build the facility.Susan Nelson suggested that a conference area with the ability to host speakers be added.John Sirignano said that at this time no conference areas were in the plans.The projected cost for the facility is $6.5 million and will have a 3500-4000 seat arena, a dry land training area, volleyball and basketball practice facilities and a ďTraditionsĒ area.The seats will be similar to those in the Alerus and bleachers can be utilized at both ends of the court.Weekly meetings are being held with the coaches to make certain it meets the needs and expectations of their programs.REA will take a loan to finance the building and pay it back through increased ticket sales and suite revenue.No University money will be used and no fund drives are planned at this time.


Lowell Schweigert asked how this will impact the Hyslop.Maria Bruggeman said that it will provide more open space in the locker rooms as well as easier access to the practice facilities.John Sirignano added that the same problems the students encountered with remodeling the Hyslop will also prevent Athletics from implementing major renovations. Charlie Bridgeford asked about an indoor track.Ray Diez said one of the options proposed was to remove the exterior shell from the old Engelstad Arena, leaving the frame in place, then a new outside wall would be added further out from the building, enclosing an indoor track. Planning for an indoor track and indoor multi-sport training facility are currently on hold.The Athletic Department will work with the Alumni Association on the possibility of a future capital campaign for athletic facilities.


Compliance:Jared Bruggeman was not available for this meeting.Bev Hopman reported on his behalf that there have been eight reports filed with the NCAA since July of 2002.Nine different athletic programs or administrative offices have reported in secondary violations or student-athlete reinstatement and ten by-laws were violated.The reporting year ends June 30 and a complete report will be available for the fall IAC meeting.Many student-athletes receive requests to make public appearances at schools, churches, hospitals, etc.The NCAA requires documentation of all such activities.Athletics is asking the IACís assistance in making certain that all of these requests are channeled through the Athletic Marketing Department to control who the student-athletes are meeting with and to track their community service hours.Lillian Elsinga stated for the record that Jared Bruggeman and the coaches do a good job in adhering to NCAA regulations.Bev Hopman reported that UND continues to garner NCAA post-graduate scholarship awards.In addition to Kate Cahill and Kelby Klosterman who received awards in the fall, Becky Moen was awarded an NCAA post-graduate scholarship for winter.Mac Schneider received the Walter Byers Post-graduate Scholarship, one of the top awards from the NCAA.


Student Seating:John Sirignano said that a compromise was reached with Student Government and that student seating for hockey will not be moved.The lower bowl student seats will be sold as season tickets for a designated seat.If a student does not sit down or is disruptive during the game, their ticket will be cancelled and they will not be allowed to purchase student tickets in the future.A zero tolerance policy will be enforced.Sue Jeno asked how this would be policed and about handicap seating in the student section.John Sirignano said that Student Government will monitor the first games of the season.If the students sit down during play, the handicap section will not need to be moved or adapted.



Gender Equity:††Bev Hopman stated that Jared Bruggeman will compile the EADA Report (Title IX and Gender Equity) which is due to the Department of Education on Oct. 15, 2003.A copy of the report will be distributed to the IAC members as soon as it is available.†† This year UND Athletics had 114.8 FTE scholarships.Of those, 43 went to womenís sports (37.5%), 71.8 went to menís sports (62.5%).Next year, 120.3 FTE will be awarded.Womenís sports will receive 48.5 (40.3%).Menís programs will receive 71.8 (59.7%).


Athletic Staff Update:††John Sirignano reported that the two vacant assistant athletic director positions have been filled.Sherry Penner will be replacing Kathy McCann as Senior Womenís Administrator and Asst. AD for Facility and Game Management.UND has been awarded a NCAA grant that will offset a portion of her salary for the first three years.Mark Rudolph will be the Asst. AD for Development and Director of the Fighting Sioux Club.His position will allow Rob Bollinger and Jeff Bowen to devote more time to developing endowments, planned giving and capital fund drives.


Letterwinners:Judy DeMers commented on the discrepancy between the number of letterwinners on the menís hockey team vs. the womenís hockey team.She asked what standards were used.Bev Hopman said that each coach develops their own standards, but the Athletic Department did not have the criteria they used.Maria Bruggeman said this issue has been discussed by the coaches and she recommend that the Athletic Department request a copy of each coachesí letterwinner guidelines.Bev Hopman said she would follow up with Roger Thomas.


IAC Alumni Membership:Sue Jeno reported that the University Senate addressed the issue of alumni representation on the IAC and has reduced the number of alumni representatives from three to two.She has visited with the Alumni Office and they will try to find a female representative to fill the next vacancy.


Saturday/Sunday Basketball and Volleyball:Charlie Bridgeford asked what the status was on the proposal to change basketball and volleyball to Saturday/Sunday games.Sue Jeno said that she had not received a response to her memo, but Phil Harmeson had indicated it would be discussed at the NCC spring meetings.Lillian Elsinga asked if any steps were taken to poll the fans or the student-athletes.Sue Jeno said she had letters from the teams involved indicating they were not in favor of a change.There was some discussion regarding polling the fans and becoming more pro-active on the issue.Sue Jeno said she would check with Roger Thomas and the Presidentís Office after the NCC spring meetings.She will let the IAC members know if any further action needs to be taken.


Ray Diez moved the meeting be adjourned, Lillian Elsinga seconded.Motion carried.The meeting adjourned at 4:17 p.m.The next meeting will be in September 16 at 3:30 the Medical School, Room 1917.


Sue Jeno visited with Phil Harmeson after the NCC spring meeting.The proposal to change basketball and volleyball to Saturday-Sunday did not go forward.