October 19, 2004


ATTENDING:Charlie Bridgeford, Ron Brinkert, Lillian Elsinga, Rich Glas, Phil Harmeson, Cindy Flom-Meland, Sue Jeno, Paul Kriegler, Ray Lefebvre, Patti Mahar, Susan Nelson, Mark Rudolph, Lowell Schweigert, Brian Strom, Paul Todhunter


Recorder:Bev Hopman


Susan Nelson called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. in the Pembina Room of the Memorial Union.


Minutes:Sue Jeno moved that the minutes from the September 21, 2004, meeting be approved. Lowell Schweigert seconded.Motion carried.


Class Credit for Athletic Participation:Ron Brinkert said the issue will be discussed at a future PEXS staff meeting.One of the concerns he expressed was whether student-athletes are enrolled in PEXS 101 classes now and getting credit even if they donít attend classes.He has no way of verifying attendance.


NCAA Self Study Report:Phil Harmeson distributed copies of the NCAA Self-Study Status Report.He indicated that President Kupchella had signed off on the self-study stating that UND was in compliance with the understanding that procedures are in place to remedy any violations.Phil Harmeson said most violations were a matter of not having written policies.Lillian Elsinga suggested Roger Thomas could report on the status of corrections later in the school year after areas identified in the strategic planning process were acted on.


Department reports

  1. Compliance:Bev Hopman said Jared Bruggeman indicated there were several minor violations.He will have a complete report and answer questions at the next IAC meeting.
  2. Fighting Sioux Club:Mark Rudolph said many of the Fighting Sioux Club members were upset about the changes at Ralph Engelstad Arena regarding the Club Lounges.The new policy banned everyone other than Club Seat holders and their guests from entering the North and South Lounges.The Athletic Department has worked with REA and the policy has been revised starting with the next home hockey series.The pre-game parties for FSC members coaches level and above will be held in the South Club Lounge.Once the game starts, both lounges will be open to all FSC members.This policy is very similar to last year and reflects the original intent of the lounges.The new Penalty Box bar near the Olympic arena will remain open.Susan Nelson asked if there was a problem with FSC membership cards not being sent out.She indicated that hers were not mailed.Mark Rudolph said FSC mailings are done by two entities.The Alumni Association mails out membership information, including the membership cards.The Athletic Ticket Office, located at REA, mails out all tickets and parking passes.Both offices use the same computer system, Archticks, to access mailing lists.Doing the mailings from two locations does sometimes cause problems and Athletics is trying to find a way to combine the mailings.
  3. Open positions Ė Asst. AD/SWA:Mark Rudolph said Human Resources sent over two internal candidates, Anthony Kirchmeier and Jill Zola, for the Assistant AD/SWA position.The screening committee is chaired by Mark Rudolph and consists of Alice Brekke, Jared Bruggeman, Peggy Lucke, Juli Reisnour and Shantel Rivard.Susan Nelson expressed concern that one person would be handling such a broad spectrum of duties.Mark Rudolph replied that two positions have been merged and would include financial management, facilities management and the Senior Woman Administrator duties.He said Sherry Penner, the former SWA and facilities manager indicated she did not have enough to do.With football, menís and womenís hockey, menís and womenís basketball and volleyball all being held off campus, there will be even fewer responsibilities for the facilities manager.Charlie Bridgeford asked what type of background Athletics was looking for.Mark Rudolph said the right candidate would need a strong accounting background with a good understanding of the difference between public and private money due to the UND/REA/Alumni connection.Rich Glas said they must also have demonstrated strong leadership skills.Coach Glas said the organizational structure is being studied and will likely be changed as a part of the strategic planning process.He questioned whether the hiring should be delayed until the strategic planning was completed.Lillian Elsinga stressed that leadership was important but it was also important to get someone that could function as a member of a team.She stated that the NCAAís requirement for an SWA was to put women in positions where they could serve as a role model.Mark Rudolph pointed out that part of the money to fund this position comes from an NCAA grant.


New Business:


REA General Manager:Susan Nelson asked if the Athletic Department had any information regarding the hiring of a new general manager at REA.Phil Harmeson said the hiring will be done by the Engelstad corporation headquartered out of Las Vegas.Mark Rudolph reported Earl Strinden is the acting general manager.Rich Glas said this might be a new opportunity to enhance UND control over activities at REA.He said the Athletic Department has some real concerns regarding the REA/UND relationship.


Athletic Marketing:Lowell Schweigert expressed concern over the marketing of UND Athletics.He had two questions:1. Who makes the marketing decisions, the Athletic Department or REA?†† 2. Are REA events being marketed at the expense of UND?

Charlie Bridgeford said a friend near the Fargo area had commented that all they heard about was NDSU football with no advertising of UND Athletics.Lowell Schweigert said football, basketball, volleyball and hockey need to be marketed, not just special events at the Ralph.Sue Jeno said it would be important to know where the money comes from.If the money comes from REA, then REA has a right to determine how it is spent.Susan Nelson said there is a contractual agreement as to the money that comes back to UND.Phil Harmeson said Athletic revenue is derived from three main sources; ticket sales, student fees and the profit from REA.The Athletic Department receives the money from REA and can use it in the budget as they see fit.Brian Strom said REA guarantees a minimum dollar amount for UND marketing and the Athletic Marketing Director allocates it as appropriate.Susan Nelson said the Athletic Department and REA have pooled some staff positions to eliminate duplication of duties.She questioned who could give an overview of the pooled positions and how they function.It was agreed that Roger Thomas would discuss this at the November 16 meeting.


December Meeting Date:Bev Hopman pointed out that the December meeting was scheduled for December 21.After some discussion it was decided to change the December meeting date to December 14.


Football Playoff Bid:†† Phil Harmeson said the Alerus Commission would be meeting on Wednesday, October 20, to discuss submitting a bid to host the 2008 Division II National Football Championships.The bid would be submitted on behalf of the City of Grand Forks and the North Central Conference.


Deficiencies:Phil Harmeson said he had the fall deficiency report.Student-athletes were deficient in 344 classes.Bev Hopman said Jared Bruggeman also receives the report and forwards the information to the coaches.The coach then follows up with the each student-athlete.Rich Glas said when he talks to his student-athletes about deficiencies, it often comes up that they have dropped the class or are in the process of dropping the class.


Old Business:


Class Scheduling Conflicts:Rich Glas said menís basketball practice was cancelled today because one of the key players had to take an exam which was scheduled at a time other than the assigned class time.More and more classes are setting common exam times and it is causing a problem.Lillian Elsinga said Ray Diez had presented the problem of scheduling single section classes late in the day to the University Senate.This has also been discussed at the Deanís Council.However, common test times had not been discussed.Susan Nelson said Roger Thomas indicated he would bring a list of the single section classes that were causing a problem to the IAC.Sue Jeno said the common test times and the class conflicts could be brought up for discussion at Deanís Council.


Lillian Elsinga moved the meeting be adjourned.Sue Jeno seconded.The meeting adjourned at 4:43 p.m.The next meeting is scheduled for November 16 at 3:30 p.m. in the Pembina Room of the Memorial Union.