October 25, 2005


ATTENDING:  Rob Bollinger, Charlie Bridgeford, Ron Brinkert, Tom Buning, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Lillian Elsinga, Cindy Flom-Meland, Phil Harmeson, Sue Jeno, Donna Pearson, Betty Ralston, Lowell Schweigert, Bruce Smith, Brian Strom, Paul Todhunter


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Ray Diez called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. in the President’s Room of the Memorial Union.


Minutes:  The minutes from the September 20, 2005, meeting were approved as submitted.


Review of the charge and duties of the IAC:  Ray Diez distributed copies of the duties of the IAC as outlined by the University Senate.  Several changes have been made.  Item 4 under Functions and Responsibilities  was changed to read, “Review and approve all Athletic Department letterwinner awards.  Under the same area, Item 11 was moved to Item 12 and a new responsibility was listed as Item 11 “Provide ongoing support for and monitoring of fan behavior policies and their effects on athletics and academics at the University.”  Copies of the revised IAC information will be sent to all committee members.


Department Updates:


Hockey Seating:  Tom Buning reported that the band has been moved to the student section in the lower bowl for home hockey games.  The first test of this move came when UND played Northeastern on October 14 and 15.  The band did not affect anyone’s view of the game and added energy to the student section.  The AD reported that most of the feedback has been positive.  Tom Buning said that Athletics and REA are still working to get the students to sit during the game.  He said it seemed better on Saturday night.  1200 student season tickets were sold.  The season tickets allow 600 students to sit in the lower bowl on one night of the series and the upper bowl on the second night of the series.  There are approximately 900 student tickets held to be sold as single game tickets.  They go on sale Monday morning the each week there is a home series.  Unsold student tickets are made available to the public on Thursday mornings. 


Fan Behavior:  Tom Buning said that the Department of Athletics is working with the UND Television Center to prepare two 30 second commercials on fan behavior.  The first one will be a collage of student-athletes and coaches asking the for fan support in a positive, not negative, manner.  The second commercial takes a humorous approach.  The commercials will air at football and hockey games.  Ron Brinkert asked if the NCAA or the NCC has mechanisms in place for reporting fan behavior problems.  Tom Buning responded that local officials and game officials are to take action.   Ray Diez said that NDSU put steps in place to remove fans from the arena.  Phil Harmeson added that in the WCHA a penalty can be assessed against the home team for unacceptable fan behavior.


NCAA Logo:  Phil Harmeson reported that a second appeal is near completion.  It will be more comprehensive than the first appeal and based on judicial fiat.  It will also indicate that the NCAA overstepped its authority.  Tom Buning added that a statement will be included in the appeal stating that while an appeal is in process, UND will not act on the mandate to have new uniforms for post season play. 


Facilities:  Tom Buning has requested the head coaches and several of the areas within Athletics schedule Listening Days to give presentations to the administrative staff.  Part of each presentation will include facilities needs and requests.  AD Buning is trying to secure funding to hire a consultant to develop a master facilities plan for Athletics.  He said the old Engelstad Arena building is of no value to Athletics, but that the space is very valuable.  Phil Harmeson said that no decision has been made on the use of the old Engelstad property.  Bruce Smith asked what needed to be done to secure the property for Athletics.  Phil Harmeson said Athletics has to come up with a plan for the use.  Charlie Bridgeford asked if UND was trying to acquire additional property around the University.  Phil Harmeson replied that UND is purchasing property all the time.


Compliance:  Betty Ralston passed out several handouts to the committee that covered the following topics:  1) Spring 2005 Academic Highlights - The composite GPA for UND student-athletes was over 3.0 for the fourteenth out of the last fifteen semesters.  A copy is attached.    2) The DI Academic Progress Rate is within eligibility range.  3)NCAA DI and DII proposed legislation.  4) Copies of academic information that was sent to the coaches.  5) Information on exit interviews to be conducted with seniors. 6) Compliance check.  Betty Ralston said she would like to have IAC become with both the exit interviews and the compliance checks.  Ray Diez said that would be added to the agenda for the next meeting. 

Betty Ralston said the deficiencies have been sent out.  Of the 514 student-athletes, 183 had deficiencies (36%).  She said that number does not concern and it is comparable to other schools.  But she did say she is seeing too many repeated courses and would like UND to implement DI standards toward graduation. 

Two fall sport student-athletes have been nominated for post graduate scholarships.  They are Veronica Sackett, cross country, 3.92 in Civil Engineering; and Dan Gagner, football, 3.78 in accounting. 

Sue Jeno asked if there were any violations to report.  Betty Ralston said there were no NCAA violations at this time but that she has concentrated her time on making certain that all of the student-athletes are eligible. 

Tom Buning thanked Betty Ralston for stepping into the job as Associate Athletic Director/SWA and doing an excellent job for UND and the Athletic Department. 

Budget:  Tom Buning passed out information on the 2005-06 budget to date.  If no changes are made, a $680,000 is projected.  He is working with the Athletic Business Manager and the Budget Office to find ways to cut the budget.  Five positions have been eliminated with a savings of $250,000.  All of the sports have been asked to cut 10% from their operating budget.  It is projected that the balance will be made up with increased giving through the Fighting Sioux Club.  Rob Bollinger said that part of the research done during the Department of Athletics strategic planning was the amount of student fees paid at various institutions to support athletic programs.  UND students contributed very little compared to most schools.  He mention the University of New Hampshire as an example.  One half of their athletic budget is derived from student fees.  When asked who determines student fees, Lillian Elsinga said Alice Brekke provides information to President Kupchella who then presents a request to the State Board of Higher Ed.  The Board gets final approval through the legislature.  Rob Bollinger suggested starting a marketing campaign aimed at the student body if the Athletic Department would like an increase in student fees.

Old Business:

Athletic Credit for Sport Participation:  Ron Brinkert said the PEXS Department has not taken any further action on this request.  He requested the issue be tabled until the next meeting.

Status of IAC Chair for 2005-06:  Ray Diez said he will be on developmental leave during the second semester.  He asked the committee if they would prefer to elect a new chair at this time or have an election at the start of second semester.  Judy DeMers recommend that Ray Diez continue as chair through January and that the IAC elect a new chair in February.  The committee agreed unanimously. 

New Business: 

REA Usage Agreement:  Tom Buning said the REA Usage Agreement is at the President’s Office for signatures.  There are no major changes in the agreement.  He will use this year to study the contract and recommend changes for next year.

Tom Buning gave quick updates on the following:  The Hockey Hall of Fame will be held Oct. 28 and 29; Athletic is working on redoing the web site; the media contracts are being evaluated; Athletics will be hiring a new Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Promotions.  He displayed the Women’s Hockey Media Guide.  The cover had raised some questions because of the crowd shot had been altered to show more people in the stands than usually attend the games.  Tom Buning explained that the media guide is not used for marketing or recruiting, it is for use by the media that cover athletic events.  He also stated that any potential recruit attends games and can see first hand what the typical attendance is.

Men’s basketball had added two exhibition games, Nov. 7 and 9.  They will be free of charge, but fans are asked to bring non-perishable food items which will be donated to SAAC and Mortar Board.

Division I/Division II:  Ray Diez asked what the status was on a potential move to Division I.  Tom Buning said the President is forming a committee to investigate reclassification.  Phil Harmeson said that reclassification is an institutional issue.  Lowell Schweigert asked if the committee would include members of the community.  Tom Buning said it will include faculty, alumni, letterwinners, boosters, and members if the IAC.

Phil Harmeson said this was the first IAC meeting he has attended under the new Athletic administration.  He said the early reports have been favorable and he thanked Tom Buning, Betty Ralston and Rob Bollinger for doing a great job. 

Ray Diez said if anyone had items for the next IAC meeting to e-mail them to him.  The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 15 at 3:30 p.m.