November 18, 2003


Recorder:Roger Thomas


The meeting was called to order by Sue Jeno in room 1537 of the Medical School at 3:45pm


1.The minutes from the October 21, 2003, meeting were approved.


2.Greg Shepherd, the head of the WCHA officials, responded to the letter that was sent out regarding fighting at UND hockey games.He stated that the officials handled the situation poorly. He also indicated that the officials had worked in the WCHA last year and that they were trained for officiating these games.He was very disappointed that the events had transpired and has taken steps to see that they will not be repeated.


3.Jared Bruggeman talked about S/U grading.He indicated it is not consistent throughout the campus.Some departments do not allow S/U grading, even if the course is not in a students major.An F affects a students overall GPA whereas S/U grading does not have as severe an impact on athletic eligibility.Bruce Smith will check on the policy in the aerospace departments and Jared agreed to check policies in other departments on campus.


4.The Athletic Department would like to see classes that are offered only once during a semester, be offered early in the day.This would allow free time for student-athletes to practice and would also cut down on missing classes for travel.Roger Thomas will visit with the coaches to identify the specific classes for the 2004 fall schedule so that specific departments can be requested to look at the course offerings for Fall 2004, Spring 2005.


5.Jared Bruggeman presented the gender equity report.There were many questions and much discussion.The report will be used as a tool for future planning and assessment.There are several items still in the development stage (i.e.: softball field) and areas such as travel and recruiting that are pretty equal between the menís and womenís teams.Womenís hockey will continue to add 3 scholarships per year to bring their total up to 18.A question was posed as to what can still be addressed without fundamentally changing the athletic department.It was stated that the overall goal of the athletic department, while addressing gender equity, is to continue to grow without the need to further eliminate sports. This will remain the focus as we continue to address the gender equity issue.


6.We have experienced a historic year with soccer, volleyball and football qualifying for the playoffs.


7.Student behavior at sporting events, especially hockey, was discussed.An effort will be made to try to eliminate profanity from the chants.Meetings have been held with President Kupchella, Student Body President Adam Baker, student government and representatives from the Athletic Department to address this issue.There has been good cooperation with the Student Senate regarding these issues.There was also a comment regarding the student signs being more inventive, which is appreciated.


8. The proper use of school logos/mascots was discussed.It was pointed out that UND should treat other schools mascots with respect if we expect reciprocal treatment.WDAZ commercials and the graphics on the big screen at REA were cited as examples.