November 20, 2007


ATTENDING:   Steve Brekke, Ray Diez, Jon Jackson, Sue Jeno, Josh Morton, Glenn Olsen, Donna Pearson, Betty Ralston, Lowell Schweigert, Paul Todhunter



Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Ray Diez called the meeting to order at 4:38 p.m. in the Memorial Room of the Memorial Union. 


Minutes:  No additions or changes were made to the minutes from the October 16, 2007, meeting.  The minutes were filed as submitted.


FAR Updates: 

  • Sue Jeno attended a FAR meeting in Baltimore.  The NCAA will be emphasizing faculty engagement and cooperation on campuses nationwide.
  • Peers at the conference recommended the UND FAR receive a clear job description.  This will become more necessary as UND moves forward with the DI transition.  The FAR will serve as the “institutional memory” and keep written records.  It was stressed that the FAR is not an Athletic Department employee, but reports to the University President. 
  • UND will begin strict adherence to DI rules at the end of spring semester. 
  • Betty Ralston and Sue Jeno will be attending NCAA meetings in Nashville, TN, in January.
  • The North Central Conference send-off is scheduled for June 21.


Priority Registration:  Betty Ralston stated that student-athletes currently receive priority registration.  She said with the move to DI it is important to maintain priority registration to help meet APR standards and to work around team practice times.  The Registrar has indicated that the recommendation for early registration should come from the IAC.  Jon Jackson moved that UND grant priority registration to student-athletes.  Glenn Olsen seconded.  Sue Jeno asked whether all student-athletes needed early registration and whether they needed to register before all other students.  Jon Jackson compared student-athletes to students in the Honors Program.   Glenn Olsen said Trio and McNair students also receive early registration.  It was stressed that student-athletes are the only ones receiving early registration that are also monitored to make certain they are maintaining an acceptable GPA and making progress toward graduation.  Motion carried.  Sue Jeno and Betty Ralston will work with Ray Diez to craft a statement requesting early registration for student-athletes and present it to the IAC for review at the January meeting.  It will then be presented to the University Senate Executive Committee.


Athletic Director/IAC Role:  Steve Brekke, Jon Jackson, Sue Jeno, Amanda Kaler and Betty Ralston are members of the Athletic Director search committee.   The first meeting was held on November 20 and a tentative time line was discussed. An ad will be placed in January and on campus interviews will take place right after Spring Break.  Bev Hopman will e-mail copies of the previous ad and a current job description to the IAC members.  Committee members are asked to contact Sue Jeno with characteristics, qualifications or experience that should be included in the ad or job description. 


Glenn Olsen moved that the IAC recommend the Director of Athletics report directly to the President.  Lowell Schweigert seconded.  This motion was discussed at length.  Betty Ralston and Sue Jeno said the search committee was informed that no change in reporting lines would take place.  Betty Ralston also expressed concern that if the IAC made the recommendation at this time it might be interpreted as more dissention within Athletics.  It was recommended that it would be better to address this issue with the new president.  Glenn Olsen withdrew his motion.  Lowell Schweigert withdrew his second.  The topic will be added to February’s IAC agenda.


Director of Compliance Search:  Betty Ralston said there were no qualified candidates in the last search for a Director of Compliance.  There will be another search in the spring when more qualified candidates should be available.


Athletic Department Updates:

External Report:

  • Steve Brekke introduced Josh Morton, new Director of the Fighting Sioux Club.  Sue Jeno made the request that the IAC receive a report on FSC finances and budget to see how FSC funds are used. 
  • Steve Brekke distributed brochures on impact scholarships and explained the breakdowns and how they could be designated.  Lowell Schweigert said that football alumni are being contacted.  Football’s goal is to raise $500,000.


Internal/Compliance Report:

  • Betty Ralston said she is filing eligibility waivers for several baseball and softball transfers.
  • UND will adhere to all Division I rules and regulations at the end of spring semester.
  • All camps conducted over the summer will need to abide by Division I rules.
  • Kevin Finley from Standing Rock has contacted the Athletic Department with a request to play a basketball game vs. Four Winds at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center on Dec. 27.  REA is working with Athletics and Standing Rock.  Ms. Ralston stressed that this request came from Standing Rock and was not initiated by UND or the Athletic Department.
  • Bridget Drummer has been hired as the Director of Athletic Academic Services.


There will be no IAC meeting in December.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, 2008. 


The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.