December 14, 2004 minutes

Intercollegiate Athletic Committee


Present:  Sue Nelson, Ray Diez, Lowell Schweigert, Bruce Smith, Raymond Lefebvre, Roger Thomas, Jared Bruggeman, Phil Harmeson, Lillian Elsinga


  1. Minutes of the October 19 meeting were not approved since there was no quorum


  1. Mr. Bruggeman reported on the Compliance and Student Life report which was circulated.


  1. Admissions standards for UND were discussed by Mr. Harmeson.  The president is recommending that students be admitted conditionally to meet the MN reciprocity guidelines for reciprocity.  The proposal will be sent to the University Senate.  Where the institution has a specific support system for students, we should consider conditional admissions (athletes and American Indian students are two of these cohorts… this could affect 20% of the athletes).


  1.  Marketing and the REA.  Mr. Thomas reported that the marketing budget has grown about 500% per year due to salary increases, tuition, women’s Hockey along with events at the Alerus and REA.  The Athletic budget is separate from the REA except for ticketing and the marketing and promotions budgets.  Each have their own marketing directors who meet weekly.  UND has about 300 to 350K for marketing each year.  REA is not UND property so some of this is separate.  The next agreement with REA will likely be very workable.  Athletics has also focused on people relationships in the strategic plan.  UND is a tenant at the Alerus, but at REA we have staff who live there.  Recruitment of an REA Manager is in process.  It was unclear as to whether UND Athletics was part of the interview process.


  1. Division I:  UND receives about 880K from student fees while other campuses have a great deal more and also receive funding from many other sources to pay for a D-I budget. Fighting Sioux Club is about maxed out .  Athletics is including a strategic plan for data gathering to determine UND’s next steps.


       7.   Jan. 10, 2005 there will be a vote of D-II football schools re:  reducing the

             scholarships from 36 to 24.


        8.  Athletics is still searching for an Assistant Athletic Director who will also be the

             women’s administrator.