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The next Intercollegiate Athletics Committee meeting will be in the fall of 2010.


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Our Purpose: 

To provide faculty guidance and oversight in developing, implementing and evaluating policies that balance intercollegiate athletics with academic rigor and promote gender equity in the intercollegiate athletic programs.

Our Functions and Responsibilities:

Acting on it's own volition, upon the request of the Senate and/or others, the Committee shall develop and supervise policies for the intercollegiate athletics program, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Formulate, review and update all policies pertaining to intercollegiate athletics, including those in the Athletics Department Manual.
  2. Review and recommend the annual athletics budget and provide guidance concerning other financial matters of the Intercollegiate Athletics  Program.
  3. Review and approve all competitive schedules.
  4. Review and approve all Athletics Department awards to athletes.
  5. Provide information and assistance to the official representatives of the University for all athletics conference and NCAA meetings.
  6. Ensure that the Intercollegiate Athletics Program adheres to all policies, rules and regulations set forth by the University administration and the NCAA.
  7. Review policies relating to the use of athletics facilities as they relate to the Athletics Department.
  8. Review policies related to fundraising for athletics.
  9. Establish, implement and annually review policies on equity and nondiscrimination, including monitoring progress toward achieving full gender equity in UND Athletics.
  10. Participate in the search and screen process for head coaches and senior Athletics Department administrators.
  11. Maintain and keep current committee website.  

Two weeks before the the April Senate meeting, the committee will prepare an annual report which addresses each function and responsibility and submit it to the Senate secretary.

Click Here For the Current Committee Membership

Alumni (2) - appointed by the UND Alumni Board of Directors in June and assuming duties July 1, with a preference being given to one male and one female representative; no more than three consecutive terms. 

Faculty (9) - elected by the University Senate in April and assuming duties July 1; three-year terms with three elected each year; no more than two consecutive terms.

Students (3, two of which are student athletes) - appointed by the Student Body President in April assuming duties July 1. The student athletes (one woman and one man) will be chosen by the Student Senate from a list of nominees submitted by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

Faculty Athletics Representative - appointed by the UND President.

Athletics Director - concurrent with position.

Senior Woman Administrator - concurrent with position.

Coach - selected annually by the coaches.

Non-Voting Members:    Athletics Department Administrators

                                       Recording Secretary

                                       Fighting Sioux Club Personnel  

Contact Information

Postal address
P.O. Box 9013
Electronic mail
General Information: