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Fun Under The Sun: Recruitment Picnic

The IO Picnic which was organized recently was an exciting event. It provided a platform for International students to get to know each other. Katya Bryleva, IO’s President introduced all the officers of the organization and explained to us what the IO was all about and the fun and interesting events that they coordinate such as this picnic. Everyone had a good time playing games, enjoying the food and just socializing. It was a fun start to a great year up ahead and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to having a blast with the IO!!

- Christalin Casinader (Sri Lanka)


Our mission is to enhance goodwill and an understanding of other cultures within the UND campus and the surrounding communities. Our group is not just for interntional students at UND, but also for individuals who would like share their knowledge, culture and abilities to impact the society. We support diversity by organizing exciting events such as the well anticipated Feast of Nations every year, showcasing different countries and cultures around the world.


Every Tuesdays 4:30 p.m.
at the International Center
across the Memorial Union

Student Involvement