Welcome to the Military Aviation Organization at the University of North Dakota. The MAO was established to give all those interested in military aviation a common place to explore their interests. One of the primary missions of the MAO is to educate its members as to the aviation opportunities each military branch offers.

We are NOT recruiters, nor are we associated or employed by any recruiters. We are here to act as a helpful, pressure-free information source for students interested in military aviation careers or anyone else who thinks pulling 6 G's is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Still not sold?

Still not sure if the MAO is for you? Maybe one of these regular MAO activities will seal the deal:

- Touring a Air National Guard Base
- Talking with military pilots
- Getting some stick time in military flight simulators
- Talking military aviation with representatives from each military branch
- Doing community service
- Survival Training
- Military Exercise Program
- Intramural Sports Team
- Skydiving

Take a look around the site, learn a little about military aviation, and drop us a line. We're always looking for everyone and anyone with an interest in military aviation.

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