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If the buffalo was king of the prairie, then the wolf was prince. Buffalo crossed the prairie thick as a moving grass, grizzlies roamed, but it was the wolf's howl that was the sound of a sovereign appraising his domain.

Wolves fed on the buffalo, following the great herds. Their hunting kept the bison herds healthy. The remaining bison -- the swiftest, the strongest -- passed their genes on to their offspring. It was the wolf who insured the buffalo's awesome toughness.

The buffalo herds have vanished, and the wolves with them ... Or have they? Reports still come in. And not just in the north. Sometimes as far south as Jamestown, or Wahpeton ... Likely just a large dog -- a coyote. But it's just possible there's a lone male roaming at night across the state, skimming by sleeping houses, following an instinct as old as the moon.