Club Telescope

These images were taken by members of the Northern Sky Astronomical Society at the UND Space Studies Planetary Science Observatory. The first group was imaged using an NGT 18" from JMI. Space Studies has since donated the telescope to the astronomy club and is frequently used at star parties, including the annual event at Roosevelt National Park.

The second group of pictures below was taken using an Orion ShortTube 80mm refractor mounted on the side of the NGT 18". Both telescopes used an ST6 CCD camera from SBIG


Solar System
(Mars, Jupiter, Saturn imaged with Logitech webcam)
C.Borrelly C.Hyakutake C.Hale-Bopp Linear 2001A2 2001 Neat Q4
Mare Imbrium Pluto Mars Jupiter Saturn
view a movie of Comet Linear on July 21,2000 before it broke up.

Deep Sky
m1(Crab) m4 M8(lagoon) m11(Wild Duck) m13
m17 m33 m42(Orion) m51(Whirlpool) m65
m66 m74 m81 m104(Sombrero) ngc891
ngc2024 ngc 3842 ngc4565 ngc 6166 ngc7331

80mm Orion ShortTube Refractor

Horsehead Nebula Orion Nebula M31

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