Botanical name :  Andropogon gerardii
Common names :  Big Bluestem and Turkey Foot
Family:  Poaceae (ornamental grass)
Habitat:  Prairies, savannas, floodplains
Companions:  Little bluestem, Blue grama, Indian grass,
 and Switch grass
Range:  Canada to Mexico
Height:  3-8 ft.
Spread:  2-3 ft.
Blooming Time :  August-September

    Big Bluestem grows to nearly 8 feet or more in height.  The stems are strong enough to withstand prairie winds, summer rain storms, and winter snow.
    The seed head is produced annually on each stem.  It has 3 fingerlike branches, each 2-4 inches long, resembling a turkey foot.  Thus, its Native American name "Turkey Foot."
    In the summer months, the plant grows into a green plant with foliage 2-3 ft. high.  In early fall, Big Bluestem turns from green to hues of blue, purple, and red.

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