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The prairie dropseed can reach up to 20" long and less than 1/8" wide.  The flowering stalks can reach to a height of 11/2 to 3 feet.

The bloomtime for prairie dropseed is August and September.
Prairie Dropseed is a perennial and takes five years to mature.

Sun to partial sun

Prairie dropseed has many beautiful colors these include:  a golden rust, green, blue-gray, and pinkish brown.  The color depends on the season.

Soil Type:
The soil for Prairie Dropseed needs to be dry to medium soil.
Prairie Dropseed is very sensitive to any sort of grazing.

Prairie Dropseed is said to have a smell that is distinctly like the smell of fresh popcorn and cilantro.

Prairie Dropseed has companions in the prairie which are Little Bluestem and Big Bluestem.