~the flower~

The common milkweed is a native, upright perennial that produces sweet-smelling flowers. The flowers are arranged in pinkish-purple dome-like clusters of 25-140, which often bow from the weight. They grow anywhere from 2-6', but usually between 3-4' tall. The fruits are long, fat pods filled with fluffy seeds. The common milkweed usually blooms from June through August. It grows best in sun to light shade. It is spread rapidly by rhizomes, and is best planted amongst flowers.

~the leaves~

The opposite leaves are up to 4 inches wide and 8 inches long and covered with fine white hairs, especially below. The leaves are broad and leathery with pointed tips.

The sturdy stems are usually individual, covered with short, fine hairs. When they become detached,
the stems secrete an abundant amount of milky latex.

~common names~

common milkweed, common silkweed, cottonweed, milkweed, silkweed, wild cotton, virginia-silk, algodoncillo, silky swallowwort, seidenpflanze.