~ by humans~

Common milkweed was used for fiber, food, and medicine all over the United States and southern Canada. Milkweeds supply tough fibers for making cords and ropes, as well as for weaving a rough cloth. Common milkweed has also been used to cure everything from a bee sting and warts to backaches and stomach aches, as well as for laxatives and contraceptives. Also, the fluffy seeds of milkweed are sometimes used as insulation or stuffing for life jackets.

~by critters~

Common milkweed is a vital plant to many species of insects that depend on it for food and shelter. Monarch Butterflies, Milkweed Bugs, and Milkweed Leaf Beetles only eat milkweed, and could not survive without it. Many other animals, from a Monarch to a Honey Bee to a Ruby-throated Hummingbird use milkweed as a major source of food. Common milkweed is also used for shelter by Goldenrod Spiders, White-footed Mice, and the Carolina Chickadee, just to name a few.