Interesting Facts:

    Flodman's Thistle is a member of the Aster family.  The word aster is Greek for “star” referring to the way the flowers in this family look.  In Greek mythology the thistle was made in a moment of sadness when the shepherd, poet, musician, and hunter Daphnis died. 

    Norse Mythology tells that Thor, the thunderer, guarded the plant and those that wore it from harm.  They called the thistle the lighting plant. 

    The genus name Cirsium comes from the Greek word cirsos meaning “swollen vein” which early European herbal doctors thought thistles were a cure for.

    Flodman’s Thistle was named by a renowned Swedish-American botanist named Per Axel Rydberg in 1896 when he dedicated the specific name to J.H. Flodman who discovered the plant.


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