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Prairie Smoke
Geum triflorum
Family Name: ROSACEAE (Rose)

Other Names include: Torch Flower, Three-flowered Avens,
Old Man's Whiskers, Maidenhair,
Purple Avens, and Prairie Avens

Height: Usually grows 6" to 1' tall

Blooming Time: Blooms in mid to late spring (May).  The blooms are generally pink, burgundy, or a reddish-purple color.  The fruits are the showiest part of the plant and how they get their name.  They have long, feathery plumes about 2" long giving it the smoke-like appearance.

Planting: Has both seeds and rhizomes.  Difficult to grow by seed.  Best if transplanted in the fall season.

Germination: No freezing is necessary, but it would have higher germination if is 33-38 Degree weather for 30-60 days.