My Story

    My name is Gina Britz and I am currently a Sports and Fitness, Recreation and Leisure services  major at the University of North Dakota.  I choose The  Queen of the Prairie because it looked beautiful and ravishing to me.  At the beginning of class our teacher spread pictures of prairie plants all around the floor, we were going to pick from later . I eyed the  Queen of the prairie for the whole class period.   As soon as our teacher told us to go and pick a plant I went straight for Queen of the prairie. 
     Learning about prairie plants and flowers has been a blast from the past. it is interesting learning about what we had and did not have and now in the present what we have and do not have.  I have understood that we have lost lots of land such as grass lands, but we have also saved land and how the owners of that land have such great attachments to the land and plants. 
     These prairie lands that we are getting rid of are home to the Queen of the prairie and other prairie plants. If we lose these lands, the Queen of the prairie will be something from the past. People like me in the future will learn a
bout the Queen of the Prairie but will only have a simple picture to look at.