My name is Katie Arnson and I am a Senior at the University of North Dakota.  When I decided to take the class Knowing Nature I never expected to create a relationship with anything but my peers.  Well, I was wrong.  My journey through the Harebell was not just a wonderful experience, but it created a bond that will last forever.  I have learned so many great things about this beautiful native prairie flower and I hope that my research will help others appreciate the beauty as well.  The prairie was once a home to many native prairie plants and flowers, but through the years the prairie has been depleted of most of its inhabitants.  By restoring the native prairie lands, we can bring back some of the beauty that once inhabited our land.  The Harebell is very mysterious to me and that is probably why I chose to uncover the story of this flower.  One of my favorite things about the Harebell is its determination to grow.  It can grow in nearly any location including hillsides, sandy areas, ditches and open prairie.  It wants to be seen and there is no stopping it.  I appreciate the mystical folklore that it has been known for.  As a place for the fairies to hide and the bees to rest, this flower represents a place for unity. My hopes are that many other native plants, flowers, and critters will join together in a common place....the prairie.