Amy Riveland
Communications Major

Through "Knowing Nature" we, as students, were asked to open our eyes to the world around us and to pay atttention to all that nature has to offer. Having grown up on a farm outside of Fosston MN, the city known as "Where the Pine Meets the Prairie" I have always felt a deep connection with nature and the tree region. However I wasn't able to see the beauty in the prairie, until this class.

The "Knowing Nature" class has given me an opportunity to connect with the prairie bioregion and a prairie plant that I would not have otherwise known. As a class we were introduced to the prairie in a way that gave me a new found respect for this unique bioregion.

As a part of this class project we were asked to pick a prairie flower or grass and create a web page for it. I chose the Lead Plant for a couple different reasons. First I was struck by the beauty of the plant and second the name intrigued me. To me, when I hear the name Lead Plant I think of the strength. And I believe these web pages will increase the awareness of the beauty and strength of this fascinating bioregion.