" Viola pedatifida"
                                                                                                                                     Mike Haddock

The Prairie Violet is a flower that has found a home in the Soaring Eagle Prairie at the University of North Dakota. All plants in this garden are part of our determination to keep the prairie alive. We will do so by educating others on the importance of these living beings and also by nurturing the plants and flowers to be free and grow as they may. I chose to teach others about the Prairie Violet, because it has a beauty all in itself that I admired, and it too reminded me of my sister whose favorite color is purple, the most
dominant color of a Prairie Violet.  My sister is also bold and admired much like the Prairie Violet. This flower is able to stand alone, however, the time has come to bring all the strengths, colors and beauty of the prairie together. This is our determination.

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Created by Mandee McKinnon
March 5, 2002