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My Story

            Hi my name is Bill Brooks. I have never had a love for plants until the winter of 2002. For years I have suffered from horrible allergies attributed to a variety of plants and flowers. Thanks to the efforts of Glinda Crawford and my Knowing Nature class I have a newfound love for plants and flowers.

            When I was deciding what flower to design my web site around, I chose the flower that has been my enemy for years, the Goldenrod. It was only after designing this web site that I learned Goldenrod was not my enemy. Like I point out in Goldenrod's allergy myth section of my site, allergy sufferers blamed the Goldenrod for years of allergy problems. However, I and  other allergy sufferers should have all along laid the complete blame on ragweed.

            Designing this web site has been a wonderful experience. I have learned both a little about myself as well as the wonderful Goldenrod.