Scientific information:
The Prairie Goldenrod is a warm season native perennial herb.

Common Name: Prairie Goldenrod

Scientific Name: Solidago missouriensis

Family: Asteraceae (the aster family)

Blooming Period: Late July through early August

Height: Usually 1 to 2 feet tall

Flowers / Leaves: Bright yellow heads with about a dozen branches that help to form a triangular cluster at the top of the plant.

Stems: 4 to 39 inches tall, arising as singles or clustered.

Roots: Can reach depths of 6 feet.

Distribution: Prairie Goldenrod is found in over 25 states reaching from Indiana to Texas, and even as far west as Washington. Prairie Goldenrod is absent in the eastern US and the deep south.

                                   Map Courtesy of the USDA: Plants Profile

Habitat: Rather dry open places on the slopes of valleys as well as the plains. Prairie Goldenrods are also sparsely found in wooded areas, grassy roadsides, rocky slopes, and areas where the sod is broken along railroads, ditches, and fences. Prairie Goldenrods grow to 10-20 inches in height in good soil.
        Growing areas Ranking:
             Poor = Gravel and dense clay
             Fair = Sand and loose clay
             Good = Sandy to clayey loam