Large Yellow Lady's Slipper

Wilford Neptune

Cypripedium pubescens is the scientific name for the
large yellow Lady's Slipper.  The flower is a member of
the cosmopolitan orchid family or Orchidaceae.  The family
name is derived form the Greek orchis, which means 'a testicle'
due to the allusion to the round tubers found of some species.
There are about 200,000 known species, making it the largest
in the world.  The generic name, Cypripedium pubescens,
was latinized from Cypris meaning 'Venus', and pedilon, meaning 'shoe'.

The Lady's Slipper flowers from mid spring to early summer
and usually occurs in woodlands and wetlands.  However,
occasionally it can be seen in prairies and some eastern hill
prairies.  Once it was very common in the Northern States
and Canada, but the population of the Lady's Slipper has declined
in part due to collectors who dig the plants for gardens and for sale.

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