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My Story

My name is Jenie Henrikson and I am a Student at the University of North Dakota.  In order to learn more about prairie, I enrolled in Sociology 309, Knowing Nature.  I chose to report on the Large Yellow Lady's Slipper because I remember seeing the plant when I was a child.  Every year the plant would grow in the same place.  I always loved the sight of the flower because it reminded me of a tiny ballerina slipper.  Now that I am older I look for Lady's Slippers growing in the same ditches where they once grew.  Sadly they are no longer there.  I believe that it is because someone dug them up and tried to replant and grow them as their own.  Wildflowers are precious to everyone and no one should try to hide them away from society.  In an attempt to save nature, please do not pick or dig up wildflowers.  Instead allow them to flourish so that everyone can enjoy their beauty.