My Story

stiff sunflower    My name is Missy Houghton and I'm from Bismarck, but during the summer I spend a lot of time horseback riding in the Badlands of North Dakota. My family has cattle out in the Medora area so I usually go with my dad to check on and take care of them. Whether we just ride through the pastures to see how they're doing or go out to bring them in for branding and/or vaccinations, I tend to get distracted by all the pretty flowers and constantly stop to pick them. By the time we're done, my horse usually ends up decorated with flowers in her hair, bridle, and tied to her saddle. When choosing a flower to do a website on, I immediately recognized the Stiff sunflower as one of the many flowers I've picked. No matter where I go in life or what I end up doing, the Stiff sunflower will always be a reminder of the wonderful times I've had in the Badlands with my daddy and my horse.

Photo by
Mike Haddock