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Grasses of the Tallgrass Prairie

The following grasses are either part of the Soaring Eagle Prairie or will be in time. We will be adding more photos of grasses to the website as they become available.

We have fewer images of grasses than flowers for the following reasons: First, there are fewer varieties of grasses than flowers. Second, many of our human family have an inherent bias against grasses. In Western culture, our minds are not conditioned to appreciate their subtle beauty. Instead, we look for the big and bold. Third, grasses are more difficult to photograph; some of them such as Prairie Dropseed are almost transparent.

However, grasses made the grasslands region what it was and is. They are often times the most persistent plants on the prairie helping the prairie take root, protect soil, and control invading species while at the same time pushing the boundaries of the prairie outward.

Some of the grasses pictured below have links to webpages designed by UND students. Please click on the name to open pages.


Blue Grama
Indian Grass
Sideoats Grama
Switch Grass

Images courtesy of: Chris Grondahl, Craig Bihrle, North Dakota Game and Fish, Glinda Crawford...see web pages for photo credits.