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American Indian Science and Engineering society

Grand Forks, ND

How to Become a Member

From UND AISES Constitution, Article II. Membership

Section 1. Non-discrimination Statement
Membership in this organization shall be without regard to race, creed, sex, national origin, age, marital status, or handicap.

Section 2. Requirements for Membership
A. Anyone may become a member who:
1. is a student at the University of North Dakota.
2. is a faculty / staff member at the University of North Dakota.
3. is an interested community member.
4. had paid the required dues.
5. agrees to abide by the provisions of the constitution and bylaws
of this organization.

B. Voting members shall consist of all members who:
1. have paid the required dues.
2. are students at the University of North Dakota.

C. Non-students members are not allowed to vote on matters dealing
1. election or removal of officers.
2. removal of members.
3. amendments to the constitution or bylaws.
4. financial matters.

If you are interested in becoming a member of UND AISES please feel free to contact us at or attend one of our weekly meetings.
There is a membership fee based on your level of education, college students are $25 per year, and first year members are eligible for a membership fee scholarship from UND AISES.

Benefits of UND AISES Membership

All UND AISES members that have paid their fees are recognized members of National AISES, a professional society.

As a member of AISES you will receive the quarterly journal published by National AISES, Winds of Change, and a discount on your registration to the National AISES Conference.

As a UND AISES member you are eligible to attend the annual leadership, regional, and national conferences with the UND AISES chapter, you can also participate in many events on campus as part of the chapter, many of which are strong resume builders. You will also be a member of the UND AISES family, which creates a nurturing and supporting environment for all of its members.

As a college member you will be eligible to apply for AISES scholarships and internships. You will also have access to AISES netservices which provides a resume tutorial and allows you to post your resume online to hundreds of potential employers.



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