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Writers Conference

Grand Forks, ND

Russell Banks

Russell Banks

Video recordings of Russell Banks at the 2008 UND Writers Conference.

Russell Banks has made a life’s work of charting the causes and effects of the terrible things “normal” men can and will do.  A prolific writer of fiction, his titles include The Darling, The Sweet Hereafter, Cloudsplitter, Rule of the Bone, Affliction, Success Stories, Continental Drift,  Searching for Survivors, Trailerpark, The Book of Jamaica, The New World, Hamilton Stark, and The Angel on the Roof, a collection of thirty years of Banks’ short fiction.  His novels, Affliction and The Sweet Hereafter, were adapted into feature films which received widespread critical acclaim; currently, Cloudsplitter, The Darling, and Continental Drift are also in film production.  Included among the numerous honors and awards Russell Banks has received are the Ingram Merrill Award, the John Dos Passos Award, and the Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters; he has twice been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award.

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