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Writers Conference

Grand Forks, ND

Deena Larsen

Deena Larsen

Video recordings of Deena Larsen at the 2010 UND Writers Conference.

Transcription of Deena Larsen's reading at the 2010 UND Writers Conference.

Deena Larsen ( has long since given up on shaking the new media addiction. She has published numerous works and helps create more addicts to this new forum with chats and workshops, as well as working with the Electronic Literature Organization and trAce. She has published over 30 works, ranging from in depth mystery novels like Disappearing Rain to poems and short stories. These appear in online journals such as the Iowa Review Web, Cauldron and Net, frAme, inFLECT, Blue Moon Review. Her latest projects include collaborating in pageSpace and a recent artist in residency at the Tristram Shandy Hall, which produced Shandean ambles, forthcoming in Drunken Boat.

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