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Absolute Zero 




Students of all majors are invited to audition!  Auditions are typically held at the beginning of each semester for new performing members of Absolute Zero.  We post flyers around campus indicating when and where auditions will be held.

These criteria will be assessed during the audition:

1. Tonal memory

2. Sight-Reading

3. Sing part of a prepared song a cappella (any song)

4. Improvisation - a background adlib will be played, and you will be asked to scat or makeup your own melody to the music.

5. Availability

6. Say two music selections you’d like to hear the group sing

7. Commitment assessment - Details on practice times and commitment requirements to the group will be discussed.



These qualities are evaluated in the 1st audition:



Tonal Accuracy

Tonal quality

Vocal Range

Improvisational ability


A possible second audition with the group may be conducted to evaluate:


Tonal Accuracy

Voice Blend

Need for Part



For more information, contact the director at