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Absolute Zero

Last Updated January 29, 2003


Past and Upcoming Performances

Dates are tentative


Please contact director for Spring 2003 performances.  We are performing on a more occasional basis this semester.


Fall/Winter 2002

August 25 - Walsh Hall Quad -performances between 5-7PM

December 5 - Urban Stampede Coffee House 8:30PM

December 15 - A Cappella Hour radio show KLTF 960AM (Little Falls, MN) 7AM



Past Performances


Spring 2002

May 8 - UND Barnes & Noble Bookstore 4-6PM

April 27 - KLTF 960AM (Little Falls, MN) broadcasted Saturdays 4-5PM (this is the pre-recorded April 21st A Cappella Hour radio show, syndicated on a different station)

April 21st - LIVE A Cappella Hour Radio Show in Fargo & Promo CD - broadcasted on: 95.1 The River (FARGO) - Sundays 8-9AM 

April 13th - Ramada Inn ~7PM  ROTC (private)

April 4th - Short performance during Moonlight Dinner at Squires Dining Center (10PM-Midnight)

March 6th - Memorial Union (UND) main floor ~12:15-12:45PM (during lunch)

February 22nd - Star Spangled Banner at home UND basketball game @ 6PM (Hyslop Sports Center)

February 22nd - Tabula performance at Open Mic Night @ 7:30PM

February 14th (Valentine's Day)- Singing at three dining centers on campus during dinner 



Winter 2001 

December 13, 2001 Memorial Union (UND)