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Absolute Zero 

Last Updated April 7, 2002





Absolute Zero is the first solely a cappella group at the University of North Dakota.  It was founded and directed in the Fall of 2001 by aviation student, Brian Balloon, for the purpose of creating a prestigious contemporary a cappella group on the University of North Dakota campus that would allow students to arrange, compose and perform a modern repertoire of music.  Allen Little later took the position of assistant director for the group.  Absolute Zero began as a male quintet of students that decided to get together and rehearse popular contemporary music for performing on campus.  Absolute Zero became a co-ed a cappella group beginning in the spring semester of 2002.




Statement of Purpose


Absolute Zero was founded to:


A.  sing a modern contemporary repertoire of music in a cappella form (without musical accompaniment).


B.  provide UND students with the opportunity to compose and arrange songs for the group.


C.  provide the group with the opportunity to perform on and off campus.





(updated 4-7-2002)


On April 7th, our group decided to get together and plan our vision for next year.  Absolute Zero envisions, in the upcoming 2002-2003 year, to be a more socially oriented a cappella group of the University that will continue singing and learning music, perform around campus and the community, attend social outings and have fun!  We want to balance both the performing and social aspect to ensure that being part of Absolute Zero is a fun and productive privilege enjoyed by all members involved.  Our audition process will become more selective and our group size will be limited to between 8 and 12 dedicated members.